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"Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got."

Sophia Loren

A Guide To Choosing A New Hair Salon

Regardless of whether you have recently relocated to a new area, your regular hair stylist has left the salon, or you are feeling slightly dissatisfied with your current hairstyle, there are various reasons why you would be on the search for a good hairdressing salon. Having worked with the same hair stylist for over seven years, I can appreciate the rewards of finding a special professional who knows your hair and your preferences. With so many salons to choose from, finding the ideal stylist can be difficult and somewhat tiresome. Here is an article to help you choose the perfect hair salon for your needs.

Learn How To Make The Most From Your Upcoming Facial Treatment

Facials are a must-have treatment for some. They're effective at keeping skin glowing and gorgeous, and they go even better when the esthetician knows how to do things well. However, are you truly making the most of your facial? Keep reading to learn insider pro tips on what to do and also not do prior to getting your next facial treatment, as well as what you can do after to keep the most benefit from your facial.

Tips on How to Maintain a Sunless Tan

There are practical reasons why sunless tanning is much better than any other forms of tanning. One of those reasons is the ease of maintaining a sunless tan. It is a common knowledge and it is evident that sunless tanning is much more convenient. To get it, you need only to apply to your skin specific sunless tanning products like lotions, sprays, gels or creams. You can do so anywhere you are, whatever other significant chores or tasks you are doing. Moreover, you can do sunless tanning alone.

7 Steps to Great Makeup

Every woman is already beautiful, and every woman can be even more beautiful! It's simply a question of appreciating yourself, highlighting your natural beauty to project your own self-image, letting it shine through, and then finding out what happens next! Remember: every woman defines her own beauty. You can do it easily with a little love and… makeup. Beauty is the secret weapon of success…and the skillful application of makeup is the secret weapon of beauty!

Aromatherapy Formulas For Summer Skin Care

Summer is coming around and many of us are spending more time out in the sun. And though we may always apply sunscreen liberally, at the end of long hot days our skin will still feel the effect of the sun's rays. Friends in that natural health sciences tell us that most damage from sun exposure to our skin is our result of ultra violet rays creating free radicals within our skins cells. Our skin becomes inflamed as a result. Fortunately, topically applied antioxidants can quench these free radicals, reduce inflammation, and leave our skin with a happy healthy glow.

Hair Growth Tips

People always ask how they can get their hair to grow faster and longer. They want to know what products and procedures to use for longer, thicker, more lustrous hair. Well, right now we're going to clarify for you a few things about hair growth and help you get that hair you've always wanted.

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