Staycations on a budget: 5 tips to help you along

 Buzzwords come and go in any industry, but it would be fair to say that travel is something that experiences this more than anything else.

 One of the more recent phenomenons here is a staycation. Put simply, it's no longer a foregone conclusion to jump on a plane and fly with a budget airline. Instead, things are changing and ultimately, becoming more local.

However, staying on home soil isn't necessarily something that is going to save you a small fortune. These trips can still get expensive and the purpose of today's post is to show how you can cut down on some of the costs.

It doesn't have to be about big cities

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to life than big cities. For example, in the UK, a common misconception is that London should be the one and only place that you visit.

As it turns out, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are umpteen examples of other worthwhile destinations, and this guide to a short stay in Portsmouth perhaps highlights this down to a tee.

Suffice to say, if you can avoid the bigger cities, you will be preserving your pocket as well.

Take advantage of free activities

Of course, some countries have more of them than others, but if we stick to our example of the UK something that works wildly in its favour is the fact it has free museums for everyone to visit. Again, this isn't just in the big cities - it's throughout the entire country.

The point we're trying to make is that you don't have to spend huge amounts of money paying for Grade A attractions when some of the best won't cost a penny anyway.

Some of the best things are naturally free

We've just spoken about attractions but in reality, some of the best parts of a staycation are free anyway. By this tip we're referring to simply navigating around a city by either bike or foot. Both are excellent ways to spend a staycation, and will allow you to dive into areas that you didn't even realise existed.

The same rules apply with parks

When we talk about exploring, we're not necessarily talking just about wandering around the urban areas of your destination.

Parks also enter the picture and sometimes can just provide you with that downtime that you never get around to. Let's not forget that once upon a time parks were one of the principal ways to relax, so incorporating these into your staycation is by no means a faux pas.

The festival-factor

Nowadays, you've probably found that every other week a new festival seems to crop up. Sure, these don't have the stage presence of Glastonbury, but there's usually something going on in the city that you can enjoy.

Most of the time these smaller events are completely free. They allow you to immerse yourself in local culture and make the most of your staycation in a different manner.
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