10 Must-Visit Cities in the World


Traveling is hobby and lots of people only enjoy traveling for the sake of entertainment and to live life in enjoyment. There should be a requirement to stay safe and also about new place to explore experience with. Fact is that here we are going to elaborate best cities in the world that are most tourist attractions and desirable to visit.

Paris, France

Timeless in its elegance and also consistent center of enlightenment are throughout history so as that this city of light may be for lovers and also it is much more than that. Perfect spot to experience and old world charm of Europe since the city main architecture has focused to show the attraction to tourists and visitors.

New York City

It is the big apple and then East coast Hollywood and then theater center of the world and famous actually. It is the city which is full of life and the energy. There is lots of reason why New York is called the city never sleeps. No matter what time of the day there are hotels and restaurant open and show or play to see or something fantastic to discover.

London, England UK

Actually it is founded by Romans roughly two millennia ago and London is a world capital in terms of culture finance, tourism and by almost any other standard. Theatre, the tower of London and many museums offer visitors a taste of the old world and on the other and tourist’s standards like big Ben. Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham palace are also omissible.


Lots of to be considered one of the greatest cities into the whole world and has more than earned that reputation. Actually city looks something like a fairytale and along with the great ornamented buildings and elaborate designs and colors. People who actually come here are overcome by the beauty of sights and basil cathedral and kremlin, with its large diamond collections.

Shanghai, China

Another bright bustling Asian metropolis, Shanghai is home to more people than any city in china. As fast paced its magnetic levitation train financial capital lies and at the mouth of the longest river in Asia the Yangtze considered place of origin of everything modern within china.

Rio de Janeiro

The marvelous city and as it is known Rio de Janeiro is for those who are actually spiritual in the mind or searching into the soul. Main thing is it is into the mind or searching into the soul is necessary. Christians around the world consider this city just valuable and a place to go and to visit in their lifetime as Mecca.


Athens is the one of oldest and best preserved cities in the world and also Greeks built city to last through the ages and have kept its beauty intact for past few thousand years. Some of the most famous monuments and buildings can also be found here and also one of those places and really has to come and the experience for you.


It is the capital of the largest populated country into the world and china has for lots of years been kept shut from the outside the world and just recently opened doors to us and for all. Actually all of the suspense and build up are now open and willing to have people come and explore if thought have been to a big city.


As Beijing, Sydney which is very different place and than anything have ever experienced before so as that people and the culture here is very welcoming kind will make you feel at home and second get here. So as that a trip is to down and right under would simply not be completed whole stay in Sydney or more attractions in Sydney.


Actually from the outside this city looks just as any other large and industrial urban metropolitan and go right beyond the shell and will begin to see the culture coming through. One trip Grand place and will also start to understand what is so special.

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