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Planning a holiday is indeed one of your best decisions in life since this planning comes with effective outcomes i.e. relaxation and fun. Before coming to this city, a tourist must check the complete details of wonderful places of Dubai. It’s not hard to get such details since a number of websites are dedicated to helping you during your trip. The more you read Dubai travel guide, the better you are able to collect all possible details. In case you are in hurry and want information in a quick way then I suggest you to continue reading and explore more.

The tourism sector of Dubai has expanded and is still growing. Locals and visitors both enjoy their trip to Dubai, as the city has so many things to offer. Dubai is famous for its shopping options, it is place is full of beautiful and sky touching buildings. Dubai has advanced so much in last few decades in terms of architecture, technology and entertainment that you should plan quickly to enjoy so many things that Dubai has to offer!

Check below complete details of some of the Best Places of Dubai:

  1. Wild Wadi Park:

It is an outdoor water park situated near Jumeirah Island next to Burj Al-Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. This place is quite suitable for families. Whenever you visit this park, you see that it is completely crowded with people. The reason is that there are a number of water slides and lagoons that provide fun opportunities to every member of the family. It is a theme park that is designed on the basis of the tale of Juha, a famous character from the Arabian folklore.

  1. Al-Avir Desert Safari Tour:

Don’t forget to plan a Safari in Dubai excursion in the desert. This excursion uncovers many fun activities such as Dune bashing, Sand skiing, camel riding, and wearing traditional Bedouin style outfits, Henna painting, Arabic folk music and many more. There is only one thing that you need to keep in mind that every single moment that you spend in this desert safari will be full of fun and joy. You never feel bored or lonely even when you come alone to discover this amazing desert safari Dubai tour.

  1. Ski Dubai:

It is an indoor Ski resort with 22500 square meters of the indoor ski area, it is located inside Mall of the Emirates, the largest shopping mall of the city. Whenever you plan family tour then you should never miss a chance to visit Ski Dubai as your kids and you will have a wonderful time in this area. There is an 85-meter high mountain and you can discover it through the quad lift. All kinds of sand boarding equipment and winter clothing’s price are included in the ticket price.

4: Golf in Dubai

t is really surprising that in a desert country, there so many golf clubs, with each one competing with another for its sites, beauty, and facilities. All the clubs really meet the international standards and most of them are 18 holes perfect golf courses for any professional players to play. In some of the golf clubs, PGA games were played. When we talk about golf clubs in the UAE, the Emirates club is famous here housing the Majlis golf course and the Faldo golf course.

5: Dhow Cruise Dinner

Tourists have a lot for choice when it comes to things to see. A dhow cruise in Dubai offers interesting landmarks from a waterscape giving you the best opportunity to snap photos whilst leisurely cruising with the added calming effects of the water. A Sightseeing Dhow Cruise in Dubai is a one hour cruise on a traditional Arabian Dhow boat with complimentary refreshments for those wishing to experience the new landscape of Dubai (Dubai Marina) or the heritage of the City (Dubai Creek). Tourists can sit back and relax as the moving view takes over as they sip on a refreshing cold beverage while the day shots of the city pass them by.

  1. Dubai Marina:

For exploring latest developments in Dubai, you need to plan a Yacht Charter Dubai trip of Marina. Every member of a family will get a chance to sit on a yacht and enjoy relaxing atmosphere of Marina. In addition, all of you would love to discover legendary skyline of Dubai.

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