The best blog for travel advice – is a great resource for any traveler looking for tipshacks and general advice about traveling, staying safe, and also staying healthy, while exploring the world. Some of the posts you may see on www. are things like Flight Hacks For Comfort, Spa on a budget, Making Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home, and The 3 Pairs of Shoes to Bring When Traveling. 

            The Author and creator of is Megan, age 25 from the United States. As an experienced traveler, having been to more than 25 countries and on the road for several years, her advice is useful, informative, and sometimes just as quirky and spontaneous as she is! There is nothing like learning from the mistakes of others, and using their knowledge to better your trip. Through her articles on, Megan tries to bring her first hand experiences to the table to inspire and motivate travelers to make great choices and get the most out of their adventures!

While the stories and articles on people to make healthier choices during their travels, and even has tips on how to stay active and eat well while traveling, you won’t get the feeling that it’s being shoved down your throat that you need to be a perfect role model of healthy living to enjoy this blog. It’s all about moderation and making small changes to be a healthier version of ourselves. Megan portrays this throughout her blog by making suggestions on how to add in more exercise and choose better for you food options. However, after reading some of her advice, you will soon get the impression that just because Megan wants you to be healthier, doesn’t mean that you should ruin your trip over it! As she has stated before, “what will you remember more? That day you spent in the gym, or the day that you wandered around a new city and tried ALL the local foods!”. It’s ideas like this that make Megan’s blog so approachable, no matter your background.

Walking instead of taking a bus, it’s such a simple way to add a little exercise and maybe work off some of the delicious food you’ve been sampling! It may seem simple, but it’s easy to forget the basics. Megan’s blog is a refreshing reminder of these basics, and helps to get us all back on track to traveling and living our best lives! Her perspectives on staying happyhealth and safe while traveling are some that we can all get on board with, and her tips and hacks are easy to follow. It’s definitely worth checking out whether you’re about to travel, are currently traveling, or even if you have no plans to travel. A lot of her advice can even be applied to our everyday lives! Click the link HERE to head on over and read what Megan has to say, there may just be something that you find useful for you, seasoned traveler or not!

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