How To Use Foil Shaver- Buyer’s Guide in 2018
As stated earlier, the foil shaver is a kind of cutting machine that has straight blades. These blades oscillate back and forth to be able to cut the hair. Its cutting mechanism comes in the form of a perforated layer of metal which forms a mesh pattern. This mechanism allows for close shaves.


By its sheer nature and design, the foil shaver is intended and relevant for everyday use and applications. It is only able to tackle those strands of hair that are thinner and softer. These include those on the cheeks and the beard regions of the face.For more details see here shavers for black men reviewed .



Most people prefer using it as an after-shave. This is simply to get rid of the leftover hair strands after using a pair of scissors or other kinds of shavers to get rid of the longer and thicker strands of hair. This is to leave behind some smooth and shiny appearance for you.

Last-minute Grooming

If you are busy and cannot groom yourself comprehensively, you might want to use the foil shaver to do so. Being a light in weight and simpler to engage, the shaver can and indeed does a better job at such times.

Beard Management

Finally, this kind of shaver comes in handy while managing beards. As stated, it is suitable for close shaves that get as nearly to the skin as possible. This combined with its ability to handle soft hair well makes it all the more great for beard management.


Smoother Outcomes

If all you are looking for are smoother outcomes, you have no better friend and companion than the foil shaver. Its blades are sharper and more effective at ridding the skin of the hair. As such, they are more able to bring about outcomes that are devoid of any roughness.

Regular Use

Being lighter in weight and easier to engage, the foil shaver also comes in handy for regular use and applications. This is because they will not at all impose undue hardships and strains on your part as you engage its various components. You have them for your taking if you are a working-class male who ought to groom each day.

Sensitive Skin

Is your skin sensitive to any sharp objects like blades? You do not want to sustain rashes and pimples unnecessarily. This is why you have to place your bet on a machine that is proven to be safer and more reliable. No other machine beats this one when it comes to safety to the skin.

Higher Precision

Sometimes you might want to go much deeper than merely getting rid of hair from your body. You might want to generate some patterns and designs. The foil shavers are also able to handle such chores well. This stems from their precise and easy to engage design and functionality.

The closeness of the Shave

Some shaves do require you to get as close to the skin as can be. Not every machine picked randomly can deliver the expected outcome. Only a specially designed machine of the caliber of this foil shaver may be of help to you at such times.

Straight Lines

Might you be in need of producing some straight lines? If you answered in the affirmative, this foil shaver is your answer. It does bring about consistent outcomes due to the reason of being easy to manipulate. You will find it particularly awesome at imprinting some fine lines on the sideburns.


Step I: Apply a pre-shave on your beard

Start off the process by applying a pre-shave on your beard. The best kind of pre-shave is the alcohol-based pre-shave lotion. Be sure that it contains plenty of Vitamin E which is great for the health of your skin. It is particularly great for mitigating irritations and the proliferation of pimples. Spread it out throughout your face especially those portions which you are intending to shave.

Step II: Stand in front of a mirror

Now stand right in front of a mirror. Ensure that the room where you intend to shave your beard is well-lit to enhance the outcomes of the shaves. While at it, rub your fingers over your neck and your face. This is to determine the subsequent direction of the growth of the hair.

Step III: Tighten your skin

To further expedite the outcomes of the shaves, you have to tighten the skin. To do so, place one of your hands on your neck. Pull it to the side by use of one or more of your fingers until the skin is too tight. This way, your skin will cease to the crease and enable the shaver to spread out more evenly.

Step IV: Power the foil shaver

Proceed to power the foil shaver. Place it at a right angle on your neck in such a way as to be able to achieve maximum contact with it. Move the shaver in some short strokes in line with the direction of growth. Repeat the same step a second time.

Step V: Shave your beard

Move the shaver to your beard line. Throughout this time, place the shaver at a right angle to the skin. Start off with the jawline, then proceed to the ear region, then to the mouth and finally to the nose region. Use short and intermittent motions as you do so for better outcomes.

Step VI: Apply an after-shave

After you are through with the shaving process, apply an after-shave. This is basically a moisturizing agent that contains plenty of Vitamin E. Its role is to soothe the dry skin, prevent irritations, and pimples.


Less Durable

By its sheer nature and design, the foil shaver is less durable. Its material is not so strong and well able to endure the various agents of abuse as reliably as should be the case.

Strictly for Fine Hair

The foil shaver can only be used for tackling fine hair only. As such, do not expect it to help you in trimming dreadlocks and ordinary coarser hair. This severely curtails its efficacy and reliability.

Limited Returns on Investments

Owing to its limited applicability and diminished lifespan, the foil shaver brings about limited returns on investments. It is therefore not so great a purchase, especially when compared to the other kinds of shavers. 



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