4 Things to Know Before Opening a Gluten-Free Restaurant

 In the 1900s and early 2000s, gluten-free foods and beverages were considered “niche” products. Today, according to Forbes.com, over 3 million people in the United States follow a gluten-free (GF) diet.Sufferers of celiac disease choose to cut out gluten to avoid the pain that its ingestion can cause. Other dieters seek to reap the various health benefits of a gluten-free diet.


 No matter the reason, a lot of consumers are on the lookout for tasty and trustworthy GF foods. They can be expensive and hard-to-find.

The GF industry is a growing one, and you can become part of it as a restaurant owner. To meet GF dieters’ demanding needs, you’ll benefit from this guide on everything you should know before opening a gluten-free restaurant. 

1. Make Sure To Have Everything On Hand

A GF restaurant should always have GF ingredients and substitutes on hand. These products might cost more than what you imagined in your original budget.
To make sure you always have everything you need, take the necessary steps to get your future restaurant’s financial situation in check. You can secure a business loan from a reliable online lender like Quick Loans. This financial assistance will give you the resources and confidence you need to properly serve all of your guests. 

2. Understand The Seriousness of Celiac Disease

While a lot of people who avoid gluten do not have celiac disease, it’s important to understand the severity of this condition. Some sufferers may experience severe symptoms, like bloating, pain, and low blood count, just from eating a bread crumb. 

Understanding the severity of celiac disease will help you better serve your guests. Make sure all of your products are truly gluten-free and prepared using safe techniques. 

Some people may avoid gluten for other reasons. They may have a less severe intolerance or sensitivity to it. Others may want to avoid gluten to decrease the severity of health problems like headaches, weight gain, and long-term fatigue. 

No matter the guest's reasons for avoiding gluten, it’s important that you respect their individual decisions. This can be done by learning as much as possible about gluten, the specific problems it can cause, and how its absence can benefit the health of your guests. 

3. You Don’t Have to Make Everything From Scratch

When you’re opening your very own restaurant, you might go in thinking that you’re going to make everything from scratch. You want to provide your customers with tasty, homemade meals that accommodate their gluten-free diets.

This is an idealized vision. Sure, you have good intentions. Trying to make everything from scratch, however, will only cause unnecessary stress. 
Baking gluten-free foods is an art that requires years of trial and error to find the perfect recipe. If your staff is not equipped to make everything from scratch, don’t force it! This will only result in you serving food that is not tasty or of the wrong consistency. 

There’s no shame in buying certain products from outside vendors. Plenty of stores carry delicious gluten-free breads, crusts, and similar items. Before serving these products, be sure to try them yourself. You want to ensure that they are tasty and something that you want to be serving to your customers. 

4. Choose The Right Atmosphere for Your Restaurant

A gluten-free restaurant shouldn’t operate like a fast-food establishment. Dining out can be a source of anxiety for those who have trouble processing gluten. Oftentimes, you’ll have to set aside time to answer guests’ questions and address any concerns they have. Help them feel at ease by giving them a space they can feel safe in. Hire chefs with experience in cooking for guests with specific dietary restrictions. 

At the end of the day, commit yourself to providing the best service possible so that people on gluten-free diets can have the great dining experience they deserve!
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