6 Ways to Invest in Your Health This New Year

 As usual, the New Year kicks off oodles of resolutions and high hopes. However, the majority of these resolutions fall flat, and the gyms start looking pretty sparse by February. If you really want to invest in your health, it requires smart goal setting and thinking beyond the obvious. 

 Health doesn't always mean hitting the gym, losing weight, or gaining muscle. That's just one small aspect of health. Goals that you can stick with are goals that inspire you or make you feel better instantly. Start getting creative this New Year and consider these six ways to invest in your health in the coming year.

1. Better your sleep hygiene. Americans notoriously have poor sleep habits, and a lot of that has to do with a lack of sleep hygiene. Something like buying a new mattress can instantly upgrade your sleep hygiene. If you’re not comfortable in bed, it’s no wonder you can’t get more than a few hours sleep. It’s the time of year when mattresses are on sale, so why not treat yourself this New Year? You can couple it with removing tech from the bedroom and establishing a sleep-time routine.

2. Check out a local massage school. Massages can be costly and aren’t always covered by insurance. If it’s the cost that’s keeping you from massage treatments, reach out to massage schools in your area. Students are required to offer a certain number of practice hours beforegraduation, and this is often done at a very reduced rate. You also get the benefit of testing out a lot of different massage therapists in training to discover what you like.

3. Get that Fit Bit deal. Tracking your exercise can be a great motivator. There are a number of devices and apps that can do this for you, and the holiday season means there are deals everywhere. However, it’s important to ensure that you’re the kind of person who would benefit from this sort of device. It can be dangerous for those who are at risk of eating disorders.

4. Go see the dermatologist. A lot of people don’t see a dermatologist unless they have an (often aesthetic) skin issue. However, melanoma is the deadliest and easiest to treat of all cancers. Catching skin cancer early can be relatively easy, and it is key for a better prognosis and increased survival rate. A person of any skin tone or color can get skin cancer, and an annual skin check is a must for everyone. Schedule an appointment before the end of the year, and you'll maximize your healthcare benefits.

5. Make a dental appointment. Seeing a dentist once per year is the bare minimum, and a lot of dentists recommend patients see them twice a year. If you haven't seen your dentist in a while, now is the time to make that appointment. Just like with dermatological visits, you can make the most of end of year benefits. Don’t have dental coverage? Find a local dental school, since these students are in the same position as massage therapists. 

6. Shop farmers markets. Eating local, organic, and healthy doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can find great deals at farmers markets. As a bonus, this forces you to eat seasonally and get creative with your dishes. What happens if your key ingredients have to come from the local market? You’ll try out new recipes and dishes.

Investing in your health means not only financially, but holistically. It takes putting your health first. Pouring from an empty pot is a futile challenge that a lot of people continue to try and tackle. It’s time to prioritize yourself in 2019.

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