Breast Asymmetry: What are the Causes & Treatment Options?

 Breast asymmetry refers to breasts that aredifferent in terms of size, shape and position. The majority of women have breasts that are slightly asymmetrical and many of them don’t even notice the difference because it is so slight. 

 While in most instances, choosing to alter your breasts due to a difference in size and appearance is purely cosmetic, there are cases where women live with chronic back pain and experience low self-esteem because of the asymmetry. 

Fortunately, breast asymmetry is a concern that can be treated but let’s start by looking at the most common causes.

The Possible Causes of Breast Asymmetry

Some of the most common reasons why breasts develop differently include:

- Changes in hormonal levels, including the user of birth control, menopause or just the natural menstrual cycle
- Genetics
- Problems with posture
- Significant weight gain or loss
- Pregnancy and breastfeeding
- Ribcage formations that are uneven and developed in the womb
- Past breast surgery
- Traumatic injury

It’s also not uncommon for uneven breasts to form when there is an underlying medical condition. Here are a few of the conditions that can affect the breasts:

- Amastia. A condition that restricts the development of breast tissue
- Tubular breasts. A condition that creates uneven breasts during puberty
- Poland syndrome. A condition that causes the chest muscles to under develop 
- Cancer. While it’s very rare for cancer to cause breast asymmetry, it is possible. The growth of benign tumors, cysts and non-cancerous fibroids can affect the appearance of one or both breasts. This is also not to say that breast changes are a result of cancer but it is advisable to see a doctor anyway. 

How Implants Affect the Appearance of the Breasts

According toDr Anh,one of the best breast enlargement clinic in Perth, if you do have breast implants and notice a change in one of your breasts, one of your implants could’ve ruptured, meaning the outer shell has torn. Capsular contracture is a complication associated with breast augmentation surgery and it can also change the appearance of the breasts. Capsular contracture is caused by scar tissue development around the implant. Once the scar tissue thickens, it can cause the breast to become misshapen. 

4 Ways to Treat Breast Asymmetry

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can correct breast asymmetry – even the most severe forms can be treated. With that being said, correcting uneven breasts can be a complex procedure, which is why it’s important to consult with a reputable and experienced plastic surgeon. 

Here are the treatment options that are available:
1. Breast augmentation. Implants can be used to enlarge the smaller breast
2. Breast reduction. The larger breast can be reduced and the shape can also be changed
3. Breast lift. Altering the position of one or both breasts can make them more even
4. Fat transfer. Using the patient’s own fat, the size and shape of one or both breasts can be altered

If you are ready to start the breast asymmetry correction process, take the time to find a board-certified plastic or reconstructive surgeon in your area who can perform a physical examination and provide you with a professional opinion. 
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