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There are many different types of eye injury all of which involve severe discomfort and may cause permanent damage. Injuries range from scratches and cuts to the cornea which can cause sight impairment and should be treated immediately, to foreign bodies, including dust, sand and swarf which can cause immense pain and through contact with caustic chemicals, irritant gases and aerosols, steam or hot water. 

Our criminal injury claim solicitors deal with eye injury caused by criminal activity, most notably assault and caustic chemical attack including acid and alkali. Our criminal injury claim solicitors make applications to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) on behalf of clients injured by violent assault.

Violent Assault

If you have been physically assaulted and sustained injury it is possible to make an eye injury compensation claim to theCICA. Our criminal injury claim solicitors operate the no win no fee scheme otherwise known as a conditional fee agreement. No legal charge is payable unless the application to the CICA is successful and the client obtains an award of compensation. In the event that the claim is refused there is no charge made to the client. Eye injuries make up a large percentage of claims to the CICA. Damages paid may be substantial and cover not only pain and suffering but also expenses incurred and long-term loss of income including wages loss and loss of lifestyle. Loss of vision may be due to physical damage to the eye or the optic nerve. In catastrophic injury cases a brain injury may cause loss of vision with no outward sign of injury. Total blindness may attract a CICA award of up to £500,000 dependent on the circumstances and level of disability.

Workplace Injury

Many of these incidents occur as a result of an accident at work often due to carelessness or lack of adequate safety procedures and/or proper training & supervision. It is important when working in potentially dangerous situations to use suitable protective equipment and injury caused by failure of an employer to take care of the health and safety of employees can result in industrial accident claims for compensation for any injuries sustained as a result of negligence. Failure of an employer to provide goggles usually provides the basis for a successful eye injury compensation claim.

Sports Injuries

Eye injuries frequently result from playing contact sports either from accidental injury or due to fights and brawls on the field of play. An eye injury compensation claim will only succeed if it can be proven the opponent acted with deliberate or malicious intent or if the injuries were caused by reckless play.

Specialist Solicitors

If you would like free advice without any further obligation from a criminal injury claim solicitor on an application to the CICA for compensation just contact our solicitor’s offices. Our criminal injury claim solicitors operate the no win no fee scheme. You do not have to pay anything up front to cover expenses nor do you need to take out any insurance. Take the strain from your criminal injury compensation claim – telephone us now for free advice on liability and an estimate of the value of your award. Do yourself justice – give us a call.
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