Five Key Points For Detoxing Yourself

Our insatiable appetite for labor-saving devices has led to some great innovations: the self-cleaning oven, the freezer compartment that doesn’t build up a crust of ice until you can’t close the door and recently a kind of robotic vacuum cleaner that will roam a room and suck up the dirt while the owner watches, fascinated - but doing something else because our help is not needed..

 But the piece of equipment we all have that is far better at self-maintenance is our own body. It is designed to keep itself in good condition, and is hampered mainly by the people who should be helping it: us.

We eat and drink the wrong stuff, we slob around instead of getting exercise and our preferred modes of transport generate harmful gases and particles.

How could a species that is capable of such brilliance be simultaneously guilty of such stupidity?

But we are, so we have to consciously detoxify, aiding the body because we’ve given it more than it can cope with.

Your body probably requires minimal assistance, but mine, at one time, was a seething mass of impurities and toxins. I was an alcoholic/drug addict, and over a period of 10 years or so I polluted myself big time.

So I underwent professional detox, which isn’t as glamorous as it may sound because in my case there were alcohol withdrawal symptoms to contend with.

This is a part of what we should all look into from time to time: health matters covering all the bases. We learn what we need to do our jobs and to enjoy our hobbies, so why ignore our health?

Fortunately, for most people detoxing is relatively simple - and here are five things that can make a huge difference to our health and how we feel.

1. Drink water

They don’t come much simpler than that. Start the day with a large glass of H2O, and make that the first step of a regular routine that gives the body it essential ingredient and helps get rid of all the crud that’s floating around our system.

There is one thing you could add to the water to increase its efficiency, and that too is completely natural. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it into the water.Not only does it help the hydration process, but it makes the taste more interesting.

2. Cut out the sugar

It rots your teeth, it makes you fat and it causes diabetes. It puts a strain on us because it requires the body to produce more insulin to deal with it.

Why, we ask, would any of us willingly put something like that in our body? Because something primitive inside us likes it and enjoys the taste. But we don’t need it, certainly in its refined for, added to all kinds of prepared foods. Sugar is a carbohydrate and we get enough of those in potatoes, pasta, bread and rice (all of which we should be monitoring our intake of too).

So for a snack don’t have a chocolate bar, have an orange. Don’t have a milkshake or even a mango smoothie (because many tropical fruits contain a lot of sugar). Be aware of where all the calories are and avoid them. There are plenty of tasty alternatives, from fresh fruit salads to carrot and celery sticks or bags of fruit and nuts to munch on.

3. Eat organic food

The natural way to help the body is to eat naturally, and that means buying raw ingredients rather than prepared meals, which tend to be loaded with salt, preservatives, emulsifiers etc. You know what is in a fish and a potato and some broccoli. If they’re organic you do, anyway, because that means they haven’t been given chemical assistance to get them into an attractive state for the mass market. That includes anything from growth hormones in animals to pesticides on plants, both of which can find their way into your system.

And if they don’t go in, you won’t have to worry about them.

Detoxing is as much about prevention as cure.

4. Exercise
The body’s ability to do anything relies on it being in good condition, and its detoxing abilities are no exception. Get the heart pumping and the lungs working and the blood circulating with some regular aerobic exercise. Work up a sweat, and if you don’t want to do too much of the physical stuff...

5. Sweat it out in a sauna

Heavy drinkers lose a certain amount of the alcohol through perspiration, which is one of the body’s natural defences. So if an hour in the gym terrifies you, you can always go the sedentary route and let your body excrete toxins through the skin.

Ideally, of course, you would jog or at least walk to the sauna, to get the best of both worlds.

So it really is a simple list: water, sugar, diet, exercise and sweat. But if you pay attention to these things, you will be healthier, fitter and better-looking. What’s not to like?

Success stories are always encouraging for others with the same issues to deal with, so if you have one, please tell us about it in a comment.
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