Five Simple Tips To Eating Healthier This Summer

 As the weather gets warmer, and we start to wear lighter clothing, it becomes the perfect time to really think about what we are putting into our bodies. Following a healthy eating program is extremely beneficial all year round, but it always feels more natural to eat cleaner and leaner during the summer months.


 Whether you’re at work, at home, or even on vacation, there are plenty of easy ways to keep you diet healthy this summer. Fresh fruits and vegetables are at their most abundant this time of year, and being able to spend time outdoors makes us more likely to eat well and exercise more. This is always a winning combination for a healthy body,

More time spent outside also help us to feel brighter and more relaxed and helps us to perform better on a daily basis. The benefits of eating well and enjoying the summer weather can be further enhanced by taking an effective nootropic supplement that will also help boost your brainpower and make you feel really alive. To give you some inspiration on how to switch up your diet this summer, try these five simple tips.

1. Get Creative With Veggies. A traditional meal of meat and vegetables may feel a bit heavy during the warmer months, but that doesn't mean you will feel the need to forego the many fresh vegetables that are on offer at this time of year. Every meal you cook at home can be enhanced dramatically when you throw in some fresh basics like peppers, onions, garlic, or tomatoes, and every meal you eat out can be made healthier by substituting fries for salad or lovey fresh veg. 

2. Eat The Salad. When the weather is hot, a cool fresh salad makes for the perfect light lunch or supper. If you are making your own salad at home, fill your plate with lots of green leaves, root veggies and low fat dressings. If you are eating out, be wary of salads that are not as healthy as they first appear. Lots of creamy dressings, carb-laden sides, or fried meat can quickly make the calories mount up, so keep it simple.

3. Don’t Overdo The BBQ. Summer parties and family gatherings make for wonderful memories, but choose your food with caution as all that snacking on chips and dip can quickly throw your healthy eating off-kilter. Instead of reaching for the bad stuff, fill your plate with healthy crudites and dips, salads, and fruit. Grilling meat helps to drain excess fat so your chicken and burgers should be pretty good to go, but if you want to keep the calories at bay, forego the bread and buns and just stick to meat and salad instead. 

4. Plan Your Meals. Summer weather means more time spent away from home, but you can keep control of what you eat by taking healthy meals and snacks with you. Pack picnic lunches full of fruit, vegetables, and lean cold meats, or taking healthy snacks and plenty of water for long distance journeys. If you have fresh, healthy, and filling options with you, you will be less likely to reach for the nearest burger bar or convenience store while you are out and about. 

5. Double Down On Desserts. Ice cream is a must-eat treat when the weather is warm, but rather than smothering your scoops with fresh cream and sugary sauces, add some fruit instead. You could even switch regular ice-cream for frozen yoghurt or sorbets that are just as refreshing and tasty on a hot summer's day. 


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