HCG vs. HGH – Understanding the Difference

When comparing HCG vs. HGH, know that although they sound similar, these two hormones are about as far apart as you can get. Why then do people think they have the same functions? There is only one reason why it might seem easy to confuse HCG and HGH – weight loss.

In a country where so many adults are overweight, it is not surprising that people are looking for a short-cut or answer to the weight gain crisis. Carrying around layers of belly fat does no good for the body or emotional state. Some people get depressed when they put on a few pounds. Others suffer health issues from higher levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, glucose, and insulin.

For all those and many other reasons, knowing the HCG and HGH difference can make a tremendous difference in your results.

There is no such thing as a rule of thumb when it comes to HCG and HGH. However, there is one differentiating factor – doctors do not consider prescribing HGH to counteract growth hormone deficiency until a person is beyond age thirty. The only exception to this is when the medical need is due to certain mitigating situations such as a pituitary tumor, cancer treatment, childhood GHD, head injury, or another such issue that causes low GH levels at an early age. You can find more information about prescription and medical needs at https://hghtherapydoctor.us also, you'll get useful information about hormone therapy and what effect it has on human body.

What Does HCG Do for the Body and Who Should Use It?

That brings us right into a comparison of HCG versus HGH. HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that is most plentiful in the bodies of women in their first trimester of pregnancy. HCG ensures proper nourishment for the fetus even if the mother is nauseous and unable to take in enough sustenance. Higher HCG levels allows for the pregnant body to pull energy from fat cells rather than muscle tissue.

With the HCG Diet, the premise is somewhat similar. The weight loss protocol limits food consumption to 500 calories a day. Typically, on this type of very low-calorie diet, a person’s body would enter starvation mode. When that happens, the brain signals the body to hold onto stored fat for an emergency. To find fuel, the body then starts burning through fat stores in muscle tissue. That is why so many people on low-calorie diets complain about losing muscle mass and not fat.

With HCG vs. HGH, the brain is tricked into thinking that the body is well-satiated, allowing for the mobilization and burning of fat, not tissue. To lose weight, you must combine HCG with a very low-calorie diet.

One entirely different function of HCG is how it enhances testosterone production. Hormone doctors sometimes prescribe HCG along with testosterone replacement therapy to ensure that the testes do not stop producing natural testosterone. HCG is also used at times as a fertility treatment for men with Low T.

What Does HGH Do for the Body and Who Should Use It?

HGH has nothing to do with diet programs. It is not a method of weight loss for people looking to lose fat fast. While human growth hormone will alter body composition, the function of HCG injections vs. HGH is completely different.

The average person can expect to see a decline of about 10 percent of body fat over a six-month period of HGH treatment. That does not mean there will be a similar loss that appears on the scale. At the same time as you burn belly fat with HGH, your lean muscle mass and tone begin to improve. Some people gain as much lean body mass as they lose in fat mass.

The difference is that while HCG enables fat loss, HGH physically tones the body. HGH helps improve muscle mass, as well as assisting in the following areas:

1 Immune functions
2 Brain performance and memory
3 Libido and sexual functions
4 Cell regeneration
5 And more

Can You Use HCG and HGH Together?

The use of HCG and HGH together is not encouraged. These hormones do not work well together and should not be stacked.

In fact, taking HCG and HGH at the same time could be dangerous to your health. The goal of using any supplemental hormone is to find the right one for the desired purpose.

Keep this in mind when trying to decide between HCG vs. HGH:

1 Both hormones require a doctor’s prescription and supervision during use
2 HGH is not a diet, and will not enable rapid weight loss
3 HCG can be used as part of the HCG Diet protocol – a medically-supervised weight loss program
4 HGH is only prescribed to adults with a diagnosed growth hormone deficiency
5 Both HCG and HGH are injections – any product other than an injectable is merely a homeopathic aid


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