How Can IV Vitamin Therapy Help Me

Taking vitamins intravenously injects vitamins and essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream, avoiding the digestive system and allowing rapid absorption.

Often, when a person's body is sick or sick, the bowel is already inflamed and makes oral absorption difficult and less efficient. Vitamin IV allows efficient and rapid absorption at the same time that it increases the energy and hydrates the body. Intravenous administration of nutrients also allows a much higher concentration to enter the body that can be achieved orally.

People tend to get sick during the winter months and need a boost of the immune system. This InVita - IV Vitamin therapy Clinic gives them the boost they need to prevent or fight disease, or for general nutrition.

Benefits of Vitamin IV Therapy

  • Chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue: patients suffering from fatigue, chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue often also suffer from nutritional and vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin IV therapy restores vitamins and essential nutrients to the body, which increases energy and repairs enzyme systems.
  • Cancer research suggests that a high dose of vitamin C has a negative effect on the growth of cancer cells. Vitamin C given intravenously provides the body with higher levels of vitamin C and other nutrients than it would if taken orally. High levels of vitamin C help stimulate the immune system by increasing lymphatic production and preventing the damage of cellular free radicals. Vitamin C also helps patients to better tolerate chemotherapy by reducing the toxicity of radiation without diminishing the effects of the cancer drug.
  • Autoimmune Conditions: Vitamins and nutrients found in vitamin IV therapy help to decrease inflammation in the body. Vitamin therapy can be extremely effective in the treatment of common autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjogren's syndrome, and scleroderma.
  • Migraines: Migraine headaches are usually related to poor intestinal health, which causes the body to have a deficient absorption of vitamins and minerals through the digestive system. Injecting vitamins intravenously solves this problem by avoiding the digestive system and sending nutrients directly into the bloodstream. The high dose of magnesium found in the cocktail helps decrease the frequency and severity of migraines. Magnesium relaxes muscle contraction and dilates blood vessels, providing significant relief from a migraine.
  • Detoxification therapy with vitamin IV is used as nutritional support during detoxification. When patients are on a detox diet, they often limit their food intake and, therefore, cannot get nutrition in the body. A vitamin IV not only introduces essential nutrients into the body but also helps the liver eliminate toxins.
  • For athlets: many athletes have found the benefit of using vitamin IV therapy as an energy boost to train before a big game or event. Pumping the body full of highly concentrated nutrients for optimal performance.

Vitamin IV therapy has also been used to treat stress, low immune system function, seasonal allergies, and dehydration by providing the body with the essential vitamins and nutrients that are often depleted.

The cocktail of vitamins differs slightly according to the condition of each patient, but it is mainly a standard mixture of vitamin C, zinc, selenium, magnesium, calcium and all B vitamins.

Depending on medical conditions, the frequency of each dose of vitamin IV therapy varies from several times per week to monthly or even quarterly. Each patient is different and therefore requires different protocols.


There are no significant side effects of InVita-IV Vitamin therapy Clinic. However, patients suffering from liver or kidney disease should take precautions when using the therapy. It is always advisable to talk with a doctor about your medical history before starting treatment. This is why we make a brief evaluation of the medical history to see if there are risk factors before administering vitamin IV therapy.



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