How Different Sleeping Positions Affects the quality of Your Sleep

 Sleep is the most important part of our daily life. We spend almost 25 years of our life sleeping. Do not worry this is not too much because it is essential to take rest after tiresome work. Sleep works to revitalize our body from the stress we went through all day. Our brain starts eating itself when it does not get enough sleep. Studies have shown that brain cells begin to disappear when we lack the needed sleep every day. So get enough sleep folks! Some of us do care enough to think about our sleep position. Here is the real tea on how your sleep position affects your sleep. 

Soldier position:

Sleeping on the back and keeping hands on both sides is known as soldier position. Many people claim that this is the best position for sleeping. This position is best to give rest to your spine, neck, and arms. Many claims that this position reduces acid reflux. Girls that are worried about their youthful face they should know that this position reduces the chance of having premature wrinkles on the face. But gravity pulls the tongue, so it is not a good position for snoring people. You can have lower back pain.

Log position:

In this position, we sleep on the sides and keep both the arms positioned downward in a straight line. The spine gets support in its natural shape. If you sleep on the left side, you will be able to give rest to your vital organs. You will notice very quickly that this position stopped your back and neck pain. Sleep apnea sufferer will also be benefitted from this position. For a pregnant woman, it is a great position. See Nectar bed reviews to buy the best mattress for side sleepers because a good mattress is best for people who have a sleeping problem.  Despite having so many benefits of log position, you will face premature aging due to sleeping on sides. Our top leg does not get enough support in this position. So hip pain is inevitable because of sleeping like this. 

Yearner position:

 Sleeping on the side and bending the hip a little bit and keeping arms stretched is the position we are talking about here. This position is good for stopping back and neck pain. Those people who wake up in the middle of the night this is a suitable position to make them comfortable. One of your arms may get pressure that may result in pain in the arms. Our body gets most comfortable in this position. It has the risk of premature aging but gives some comfort. It will prevent you from getting any wrinkle. There are mattresses available in the market that are not good for this sleep position. So nectar bed reviews will give you a better idea of what you need for your sleep position. 

Fetal position sleep:

This position is sleeping on the side and drawing the knees to the chin and chest. Women love this position around the world. Fetal sleep position is perfect to reduce snoring. So this improves the quality of your sleep. Pregnant women get the most comfort in this position. But it puts a strain on our neck and spine which causes pain. To avoid it put a pillow on the head. For better sleep quality change sides now and then while sleeping. There is the mattress that does not work for side sleepers like this. They find them congested on the bed. Look for the best mattress for side sleepers for the best quality bed.  

Freefall position:

Lying on the stomach is called freefall position. It is not recommended to sleep on the belly at all. It puts a lot of pressure in the spine and causes pain. Your face does not get any blood circulation at all. Unnecessary stress is given on our internal organs during this sleep. So try to avoid this posture even though a lot of people claim that this position helped them with snoring. 

Starfish position:

A Black-sleeper is mostly this kind of sleeper. In this position, people sleep on the back but puts their arms beside the head. Spine and neck get the best rest in this position. Even insomniacs may fall asleep in this position. This way the risk of getting a headache is reduced. The stomach will be able to sit below, that lowers the chance of having acid reflux. Another good thing is you will not get facial wrinkles. So girls try this one. In this position, it is recommended not to use a pillow to rest the spine and neck in a straight line or it will cause you lower back pain. 


These were all for today. Sleep positions come to us spontaneously. We do not choose them. But we should try to make us adjustable to a sleep position that is good for us. Sleeping on the stomach is hazardous to the health so avoid it even it improves the quality of your sleep. 
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