How to put a condom

Place the condoms when your penis is erect (hard), but BEFORE you touch your partner's mouth or genital area (vulva, vagina, anus, buttocks and thighs), and use it as long as you have sex. This helps protect it from STDs that are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. It also avoids contact with pre-ejaculate (pre-cum), which can have STD germs and can rarely contain sperm that can cause pregnancy.

Open condoms carefully so as not to damage them, do not use your teeth or scissors.You can unwind it a bit before putting it on to make sure it is on the right side. If you accidentally place a condom upside down, DO NOT turn it over and reuse it; Get a new one. Leave some space at the top to collect semen (cum). If you are not circumcised, it may be more comfortable to pull the foreskin back before placing the condom on the tip of the penis and roll it down. You can put a few drops of water-based lubricant or silicone inside the tip of the condom before putting it on. You can also add more lubricant to the outside of the condom after it is in your penis. (Water-based or silicone-based lubricant can make sex feel even better, and helps prevent condoms from breaking).

Store your condoms in a cool, dry place, away from sharp objects and direct sunlight. Do not store them in your pocket, car or bathroom for long periods of time (more than 1 month), because excessive heat and humidity can damage condoms over time. Do not worry if you lose your erection (your penis softens) while using a condom, this is very common. If this happens, you should change the condoms. Just take off the condom, and once your penis is hard again, use a new one. That nipple is there for a reason. It catches ejaculation and provides a safe haven until the condom is removed and discarded. If the condom is too tight on the end of the penis, then there is no place for ejaculation to go, apart from the sides of the penis or, occasionally, through the condom. We all need some space. Semen is no different.
Always check the expiration date and make sure there are no holes in the package before opening your condom; You should be able to feel a small air bubble when you squeeze the wrap. If a condom is broken, dry, stiff or sticky, discard it.Since you have to use a new condom every time you have sex or have a new erection, it is a good idea to keep a supply. Keep condoms close before things start to warm up, so they are easy to grab without interrupting the action.
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