How to Support a Friend Live Better with Cancer

 Cancer is becoming a global concern in many countries. It can be distressing, annoying, and humiliating. Cancer patients need to be cared for. So, if you have a friend or family member who is suffering from cancer, keep reading. This article is going to highlight how you can care for a cancer patient and make life better. Remember, caring for a cancer patient doesn’t come with any set of rules. All you need is passion, creativity, and patience. Keep reading!

 Prepare Yourself

Prepare yourself well. Familiarize yourself with the best care techniques. Also, learn to control your emotions. Remember, cancer can be demanding in terms of resources, emotions, and time.

Familiarize Yourself with the Diagnosis

Cancer can be physically as well as emotionally draining—especially on the side of the patient. Most patients don’t like going public about their conditions. So, learning about the diagnosis will help you understand the situation at hand. For instance, if the patient is suffering from pain resulting from chemotherapy sessions, learn how to guide him/her cope with these side effects. Have the right information. Plus, don’t push your friend to give you more information. Do your research.

Buy Him/her the Right Gifts

Cancer patients love care. That’s what makes them optimistic about life. So, buy a gift hamper for your friend. It will make him/her feel better.

Be Considerate

Think from the patients’ perspective. It’s not time to mourn. Things like weight loss can be scary. At times, the chemo sessions can be draining, making him/her tired. Put yourself in your friend’s shoes. Be choosy with your comments and even suggestions. Don’t make fun of hair loss—it’s a common side effect of cancer treatment. Don’t comment on his/her physical changes.

Ask Permission

Don’t just visit the patient. Ask him for permission. Inquire if your presence is welcome. Don’t force yourself into visiting that patient.  Helpful tips when supporting a friend

Make Plans

Be sure to make future plans together. Tell your friend that everything will be ok. There is a future beyond that condition. People have made it. Making plans gives the friend the confidence of pushing ahead. It’s not the end of life.

Be Flexible

When making your plans, embrace flexibility. Your friend can opt-out of the plan or reschedule them. So, be flexible enough to accommodate his/her views.

Laugh Together

Humor makes life simple. So, use it to perfection. Make jokes. Make him/her to laugh—it brings happiness.

Allowing for Sadness

Act naturally. Remember, cancer can bring sadness. So, don’t be afraid to allow for sadness.


Communication is key. So, don’t leave your friend alone and depressed. Give a call or two per week. Let your friend know when you plan to visit.

Other Tips

Embrace the following additional tips when caring for a person with cancer:
  • Offer to help. 
  • Follow through. 
  • Read the patient’s blog
The Bottom-Line

Care is very important—especially when it comes to cancer patients. So, don’t neglect your friend or family member. He/she needs the care. Plus, these patients didn’t choose to suffer from cancer. Use the above tips to care to improve the life of a cancer patient.
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