Know all about Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

 Orthodontics is mainly concerned with teeth, face and jaw development to help them function in the best possible manner. It brings aesthetics into consideration as well. Orthodontics makes use of fixed braces or removable aligners to improve oral health. It is not easy to become an orthodontist. These dental health professionals are first supposed to get training as a dentist. Further learning and practice conducted in the next three years, these individuals undertake a post graduation course. Such courses can be undertaken at Masters Level or Doctorate Level.

 Dentists can also provide treatment in orthodontics. However, dentists may not be as experienced and trained as a professional expert. The basic work of an orthodontist is usually related with orthodontic treatment. Therefore, they can develop the skills of orthodontics at a rapid pace and can make their way to the treatment. Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics focuses on providing its patients with the best care they deserve.

Responsibilities of an orthodontist

  • The main aim of an orthodontist is to bring back patient’s teeth in the right form.
  • Orthodontists are also responsible for their patient’s oral development. 
  • They make use of braces, space maintainers, and retainers, to aid one’s teeth in functioning properly and give a better appearance to the teeth too.
  • On the basis of dental records and specific anomalies of a patient, orthodontics make way for the custom treatment plans.
  • Orthodontists may also act as supervisors and instructors of orthodontic technicians and assistants to help them perform the routine procedures in a better way.

After getting graduated from dental schools, an individual needs to get specialized orthodontics training. The duration of such training may last from a couple to three years. 

A pediatric dentist is the one concerned with dental issues of children from their birth till they reach adulthood. With the help of pediatric dentistry parents can be easily know about their child’s dental health. Early detection of dental issues can help them get treated at their early stages. Such a branch of dentistry can aid parents with proper diet counseling for their children. It is also helpful in making parents aware of various strategies to prevent mouth and teeth injuries.

How to take care of oral health during childhood?

Parents can be advised to have their children commence with brushing from the age of 2 yrs. Children in their early years of brushing tend to swallow toothpaste. They can be allowed to use fluoride toothpaste on getting a bit older. It’s a healthy practice to floss teeth as soon as a couple of those touch each other. One can make use of regular floss. Use of plastic floss holders is also appreciable. Furthermore, a child must be taken for dental visit on getting the first milk tooth or by their first birthday.

Does Pediatric Dentistry involve certain specialized tasks too?

  • Pediatric dentists are responsible for conducting oral health exams. 
  • These dental health professionals may also be involved in the distribution of medications meant for relaxation.
  • They are responsible for providing dental care at emergency situations. 
  • Pediatric dentists also include discouragement of certain habits such as, thumb and finger sucking in children as a part of the specialized tasks they perform. 

The role of a pediatric dentist is as important as that of an orthodontist. These dental health professionals help children take care of their oral health in the best possible way. Parents must acknowledge their importance before a child develops a major oral condition. Bring them to the experts in dentistry and test their dental condition.



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