The Pros and Cons of e-cigarettes Revealed

 Recently, high profile Hollywood celebrities and powerful business magnets in US are crazy to have e-vapor in public. They are frank to promote this electronic cigs online. Many multinational e-cigs companies are showcasing new models for products sales.

 What is e-cig? It is a fashionable portable battery charged capsule with a mini reservoir to preserve e-juice to transform. People need aromatic flavor to become joyous. Electronic cigs are impressive and awesome. However, hardcore criticisms are also backfired to highlight the darker sides of e-smoking. 

Know about pros and cons of ergonomic e-vapors.


i) Electronic smoking infrastructures are different in comparison to traditional cigarettes. What is the secret of this ergonomic e-smoking device? The brief-up is given by an expert. It is a modernized pocket size capsule which is propelled by electricity. The lithium ion battery pack generates the power to activate the atomizer. It is a heating appliance to vaporize e-liquid. Stored propylene glycol, and glycerinare not contaminants to bring health hazards to people. This herbal substance is found in crystal clear liquid form.

ii) E-vapor enables people to quit nicotine. The processed liquid has no additives and toxins. It rescues addicted guys from death. Tobacco has highly powerful nicotine which inflames the throat and oral cavities.The propylene glycol which is opted for refill the cartridge of the e-smoking device is much eco-friendly. Besides, it is also nicotine suppressant component. Doctors recommend electronic cigs for reducing the long lasting dependency on conventional tobacco smoking.

iii) Is e-vapor took able to spray venom and smoke? Comparatively, electronic smoking toolkit doesn’t give rise to dark smoke to pollute air. The aerosol is the byproduct of the vaporized e-liquid. So, vaping is not harmful to a young teen. 

iv) Electronic cigs can be used in any place. People are comfortable to unpack the smoking toolkit and do the e-vaping in front of children, adult and oldies. In “no smoking zones” you are happy to inhale cool vapor which recovers your lost stamina. 

v) Electronic cigs are not rigid. Finger press sensor of thesmoking device makes you comfy. Just have immediate puff which must boost up your lethargic mood faster. It will rebuild yourself to do other jobs happily. 

vi) The miniature electronic cigs are repairable. Atomizers, mouthpiece and  LCD screens of thee-smoking devices must be assembled before the vaping. So, cross check the device meticulously and do possible reworks for having soothing mind at the time of taking herbal vapor. 

vii) Classic men need such fabulous devices to personalize the styles. It keeps your prestige in high esteem. Celebrities and elegant people handpick the superb electronic cigs. They inspire fans to buy hands free mini e-cigs toolkits. 

viii) Tobacco smoking is restricted in different places. Especially, children and feeble oldies who have lung cancer, high blood pressure and respiratory track disorders must not have lethal tobacco.The black smoke pierces into the lungs causing the arrival of incurable cancer. WHO organization mobilizes the street campaigns to ban cigarette smoking for global life care and health protection. Definitely, e-cig is the best substitute to encourage victims to have new e-vaping experience.

ix) Save your money by being accustomed to e cigarette India. It is cost effective to students, teens and retirees. Even women are not afraid to hit the online stores to havecute e-cigs tools which stimulate their lives to a great extent. 


i) Is electronic cig totally safe and beneficial to people? Critics arenot unanimous in this regard. Electronic smoking gadgets are not properly designed to impair cancer molecules reinforcing immune system. It is not 100 percent successful to enhance the cance rresistance.

ii) The technical aspects of the electronic cigs are not understood by illiterate people. One should be literate to handle this type of innovative device. Especially, in villages, people are confused how to operate battery control cigs which haveto be protected from fire, water and dust.

iii) The e-cigs re-engineering processis not as easy as a person thinks. He needs to hire mechanic to repair the device. 

iv) Needless to say, you have to buy the expensive smoking device with service manual. When you spend just $4-$10 to purchase pack of conventional cigs, e-vapor will cost you around $30-$50 on a single go. Besides the device maintenance cost will give you trouble. 

v) There is no powerful evidence to prove whether e-cig is not destructive to pregnant women and children. More deep researches and lab tests are required to assess the positive effect of e-smoking on women. Few scientists claim that patients have recovered the allergic symptoms after having the e-vapor. So, people have to take tips from healthcare consultants before choosing e-vapor toolkit.

Electronic vapors are still winning favors from elite society and young adolescent groups. Its multifunctional roles and activities are extremely popular to entice people to have steady switchover.The invisible smokeless aroma refreshes the mood of a permanent smoker. 
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