The Relationship Between Back Pain and Sleep

Sleep is supposed to be restful, and uninterrupted for the whole period you sleep. But this isn’t the case for more than half the adult population, and the major cause is back and neck pain.

The way you sleep can lead to the development of this pain, as well as make it worse. Today we seek to unravel the connection between sleep and back pain. We seek to answer the questions: “why do you wake up with pain in your back or neck?” and “what can you do to avoid this discomfort?”

Causes of Back and Neck Pain During Sleep

1. Low Quality Mattress

The surface you sleep on needs to support the natural structure of the spine. Remember that the spine is vulnerable to injury and you need to protect it at all costs. What you need in such a case is the right mattress and a pillow. The mattress should support the natural curvature of the spine while the pillow needs to support the neck.

The mattress you choose should be hard enough to prevent your body from sinking in, and soft enough to adapt to the curvature of the back.
If you are using an old mattress, then it is important that you go for a mattress topper to add some support to the back. Free Your Spine offers reviews of mattress toppers ideal for preventing back pain; be sure to check them out.

The kind of mattress you choose is dictated by your body type. If your hips are widethen you need a mattress with more give to accommodate your pelvis so that it allows your spine to remain neutral. On the other hand, if your hips and your waist are almoststraight, you need a surface that is more rigid for better support.
The use of pillows is to keep the spine neutral. The right pillow helps support the mid-back region and the neck area. The right pillow prevents the development of neck pain.
Here you will find the best air mattress for everyday use review and buying guide.

2. A Poor Sleeping Position

Many people believe that they can sleep in any position and wake up feeling fresh and energized – wrong! The right sleeping position gives you all the benefits that come with sleep, but the wrong sleeping position does the opposite.

The right sleeping position doesn’t place unnecessary strain on the back, and it also gives you the support you need to enjoy your sleep.
The best position for sleeping as per expert opinion is sleeping on your back. The worst position that you can sleep in is the stomach because it places your neck in an unnatural position.

Sleeping on the back makes sure the weight is evenly distributed across a wider surface of the body, which in turn minimizes any pressure points and making sure the internal organs are properly aligned.

3. Change Sleeping Sides

Evidence suggests that sleeping habitually on one side of the body on a mattress that is worn out might lead to muscle pain. The muscle pain is largely due to muscle imbalance, and when it is extensive, can lead to scoliosis.

When you sleep on the same side each time you suspend the middle part of the body between the shoulders and the hips, spoiling the natural alignment of the body. To mitigate this, place a pillow between the knees to help align the spine, pelvis and hips in the right position.

4. Improper Pillow Use

Whatever position you choose to sleep in, place the pillow beneath the head and the neck and not under the shoulders. You need to make sure the pillow fills that space between the neck and the mattress so that the head remains in a neutral position. If you are a side sleeper, make sure you use a thicker pillow.
All this is important to make sure you avoid neck pain that comes from poor neck positioning.

5. Extra Body Weight

When you are obese, the extra body weight prevents you from adopting the natural curve of the spine. This means that a lot of weight is placed on the back, resulting into pain.


It is not all about sleeping that gives you all the rest you need, but the mattress you sleep on, the way you sleep and even your body weight. Put these points in mind when you sleep to avoid back and neck pain.


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