Warm Weather Tips for Better Sleep

 Sleeping is one of our best defences against illness. It helps our body maintain its strength and focus, reducing our likelihood to become stressed too. In the hotter months, however, we can struggle to sleep, leaving us irritable and fatigued throughout the day. There are many mistakes we make under the impression that they are helping us to sleep, such as aiming a fan at our bed through the night. 

 Some of these may actually worsen our rest. To help navigate what does and doesn't work, here are our Warm Weather Tips for Better Sleep.

Organise Airflow

Our homes often have the potential to create a cooling airflow. By considering our windows, it is possible to create a directed draft through our home that keeps us cool at night. Other obstructions, such as doors and curtains, can be adjusted to keep the air in our home flowing more freely.

Cooler Comfort

The technology behind a mattress has developed greatly. No longer are we restricted to a clunky, hard spring mattress that only serves to return our body heat back to us. Instead, there are now mattresses available that can effectively dissipate our body heat away from us, keeping us cooler during the night. Certain designs too, such as gel foam, are designed specifically to assist ventilation.

Directional Fans

Pointing a fan at you through the night is useless. The airstream only serves to cool you by removing the warm air from your skin. However, if you are underneath a blanket, it won’t be very effective. Instead, direct it toward an open window or a different room. This way the warmth of the room will be removed.

Cool Yourself

There are many benefits to cold showers. One of them is that they may help reduce your body heat. Showering before bed in this way can help to disperse your body heat helping you to sleep better. Even a wet cloth or a quick splash under the tap can make all the difference.

Reduce Energy

We may not realise it, but our devices, lights, and chargers give off quite a bit of heat. It is easy to accumulate many of these items in our bedrooms. Even switching on the overhead light will warm a room. Although, individually, they may not do much, on an already hot day, and in a greater number, they will keep your bedroom warmer than you like.

Reconsider Sheets

Many people maintain the same sheets and blankets all year. However, the same duvet or sheet that kept you warm during winter may not be doing you any favours now. Cotton sheets are an excellent choice to keep you cool during the summer months.

Wind Down

The body cools itself slowly after exercise. However, if you are prone to staying active until late on in the day, you may find yourself unable to cool off at night. Consider changing your routine or allowing yourself a longer rest period before getting into bed.
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