What are the pros and Cons of Cigarette Smoking

 Many people have some habits some of them like to drink while some of them like to do smoking. There are some good things while some are bad things about the cigarette smoking. You need to keep in mind both while you go for the same. This give you relaxation and some very good feeling. You may also feel bad affect you get this done. Also, it has very bad odour that may make you feel irritated. Now we will study the pros and cons in detail. 


This will reduce your tensions to some extent. Not just the regular cigarette but you also need to use some other alternatives like the Cigarette Rolling Machine. This will get you the best level of gratification. 

You will not have a problem while sleeping. If you have an issues of sleeplessness, then definitely this will help you to facilitate good sleep now. 

This will also help you in bad weathers. If there is a lot of cold, then you can have that so that you will feel little warm now. 

This will help you fight against some mental issues like the depression or the anxiety. You will be able to feel relaxed with this now. This will help you to reduce the stress and you will have chilling time. You must go for this if you have a stressful life now. 

This can be an enjoyable thing and you can always have something to do in company of your friend. 

This will help you to take some break from the work or from the day to day work. You can have some extra energy while you work. You need to make sure you do that in your own limits. If you do that more than the limits, then you will really have to face many issues with the same. 


You will have some difficulty in breathing. This may also result in developing some of the respiratory diseases. You may have a constant habit of having cough then that may lead to bronchitis. This may also make a very bad effect on your voice and you will have a problem of heath burn now. You may also develop some problems like migraines of anything else that is similar.

This will also affect your skin badly. Your skin will have some rashes that may make you feel annoyed and discomfort. 

This will give invitation to many harmful diseases even cancer. You may have a short life with this. This will also affect your overall health and your productivity.

This will also make a very bad effect on your fertility and hence you need to make sure you do not do this more than your limits.

You may also have some problems like asthma. You may be having cold and cough on regular basis and this is the main reason you need to avoid the habit now.

These areexpensive and there will be additional burden with this. You may feel out of the pockets with this. If you quit smoking, then you will be able to save lots of money thatcan be used for some other good purpose.

You may get very much addicted to the habit and you may not later live without this. This may make you feel addicted and hence you need to stop doing that or at all if you are doing then you need to make sure you do that in some limits. Just do that in right way and you will not have to face many issues let on.
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