What Can a Sex Therapist do to improve your Relationship?

 Before jumping into the particulars of what a sex therapist does, many of you are probably wondering what sex therapy even is, or why it might be necessary.


Simply put, sex therapy is a form of counselling that focuses on various sexual issues.

Sex is a natural, primal, important part of our lives – for reproduction of course, but also for intimacy’s sake. 

It is also something that varies greatly from person to person, couple to couple, and there are a number of potential issues that may interfere with it.

If you, either individually or with a partner, are experiencing any sort of issue in regards to this particular aspect of your life, you may want to consider seeing a sex therapist.

What Does A Sex Therapist Do?

Sex therapists are trained psychiatrists, psychologists, or other medical professionals who specialize in human sexuality and the many topics related to or associated with such.

A sex therapist will work to assist you with whatever sexual related issue you are facing by first addressing the issue and digging deeper by asking questions about both you and your partner(s). They may find that simply opening a dialogue you were unable to have on your own was enough to combat the issue, or they may give you “exercises” to work on at home, either solo or as a couple, that aim to reverse the problem at hand.

Common Issues Sex Therapists Deal With

There are an endless amount of issues that may be brought up with a sex therapist. These issues will vary greatly between patients, as each person’s sexuality and sex-life are unique.

i Masturbation as an Normal and Natural Activity
ii Issues regarding Erectile Dysfunction
iii Inability to Orgasm
iv Loss of Spark Between Partners/Boring Sex
v Different Libidos and Desires Between Partners
vi The Relationship Between Sex and Emotional Connection

Of course even though these are common topics, the approach taken to eliminate or fix the problem will be different for each and every person/couple that the therapist sees. 

Treat Yourself To A Better Sex Life

Whether any of the issues discussed above sound familiar or you are experiencing a completely different issue regarding you sexuality, sexual performance, or any other aspect of your sex life, try discussing the problem with a sex therapist.

It’s easy enough to go for just one session to see if you are comfortable doing in the environment and having such discussions, and from there you may decide to continue or decide that it is not the right option for you. 

No matter your location, your schedule, or your budget, there is a therapist out there available to help you – whether you seek in-person treatment with a local professional or you turn to the constantly increasing amount of counselling services available online.

Speak with a sex therapist today and start your journey back to a happy and healthy sex life – you know you deserve it!
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