What is Ayurvedic? History and uses of Ayurvedic

 In recent years, ayurveda has made a sensational entrance in the West. Now recognized by the WHO, the techniques of Ayurvedic science prove themselves and convince more people around the world every day. Why such a success? What does this medicine come from India, and still unknown to US there is little? A quick tour of a science that has not finished surprising us.

A thousand years of knowledge

The word "Ayurveda" comes from the Sanskrit terms yus (life) and veda (knowledge) and literally means "the science of life". This specialty is very old: its origins date back to around the second millennium BC.

Ayurvedic science is indeed based on the Vedas, the founding texts of Vedism, Brahmanism and Hinduism.


Ayurveda is holistic and offers a holistic approach to human health. It helps in preventing diseases as well as heal them. You can get best ayurvedic treatment in kerala which is famous due to Ayurvedic. She seeks the general well-being of the individual. From hay fever to stress and overweight to flu, nothing escapes Ayurveda and its expertise out of the ordinary!

Ayurveda, ancestral principles

Ayurveda is based on several principles inherited from the millennial Indian tradition and constantly improved since. According to her, our body is made up of five primary elements: the mahabutas. These five elements permeate us and govern our body. It's about space, air, water, fire and earth.

More importantly, our health is based on the balance between the three energies that make up our body, the doshas. Kinetic energy, transformational energy and cohesive energy are forging us, and must be in harmony with one another at best.

Their harmony makes it possible to avoid any imbalance source of illness or malaise. For this, ayurveda examines our 7 main tissues (like our skin or our muscles) and our 16 internal channels (like our minds and lungs) by preventing and treating their dysfunctions.

Very varied Techniques

From examination and prevention to proper care, ayurveda techniques are innumerable and meet the vast majority of our needs. Ayurveda has no less than eight specific branches, called ashtangas, who collaborate in harmony to treat us!

These include surgery, toxicology, and the science of rejuvenation. But if there is a recognized ayurvedic specialty, it is prevention! The Ayurvedic healer such as best ayurvedic doctor in Kerala, through his holistic approach, ensures above all that no disease can appear in the body he heals.

For this, he examines the lifestyle of his patient to be able to guide him best to the healthy life that corresponds to his doshas. The doctor observes carefully the hours of sunrise, bedtime, the environment of the patient and of course his diet.

The four diets are the other important facet of Ayurvedic care. Coupling the spiritual and body care, they allow us to be in perfect health, to maintain an irreproachable lifestyle, and of course to maintain or reach our ideal weight.

Panchakarmais a set of fabric purification processes to prepare for seasonal changes and to remedy past excesses. Thanks to massages with essential oils or the ingestion of clarified butter, we quickly find an optimal shape.

There is also preventive care to strengthen our immune system, or even the aging of our cells. By opting for Ayurvedic treatments, so we avoid diseases as well as wrinkles or white hair!  You can consult best ayurvedic hospital in kerala for treatement.

To achieve its benefits, ayurveda uses mostly herbal and mineral compounds called rasayanas. Their manufacture is the result of a slow and careful process. It is based on the use of very carefully selected products. The most famous rasayanas are Amrit Kalash and Brahmi.
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