Medical Marijuana is almost the same as the recreational Marijuana except for the fact that they are used for medical reasons. The Marijuana plant consists of more than 100 chemicals collectively known as cannabinoids. The main chemicals used in medicines are Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). 


 Chemicals in Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is known for the treatment of various diseases like Cancer, Crohn’s disease, Appetite loss, Anorexia, PTSD, Sclerosis, Nausea, Pain-Muscle Spasms and Cachexia though it has not been proved with a100 percent guarantee. According to researchers Marijuana chemicals are similar to the ones in our body for appetite, memory, movement, and pain due to which it may be effective in curing the above diseases. 

Health Benefits
Medical marijuana is highly effective for the treatment of the following diseases:- 
1. Anxiety
2. Hepatitis C side effects
3. Depression
4. Glaucoma
5. amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
6. Parkinson’s Disease
7. PTSD 
8. Arthritis
9. Multiple Sclerosis
Importance of Dispensaries for purchasing Medical Marijuana
Though the Medical Marijuana delivery been legalized in half of the United States and Columbia District, it is still unapproved by FDA due to the lack of enough researches to prove its safety and effectiveness. 
Medical marijuana cannot be purchased just like any other medicine. It needs written recommendation from a licensed doctor from the states where its use for medical purposes is legal. There are also other conditions in different states like some ask for the Marijuana ID card. So once you have that ID card you are eligible to purchase it from the dispensaries. 

Dispensaries play a significant role in purchasing Marijuana due to the following reasons:-

1. Safety

Dispensaries maintain its record of registered patients who are advised to use Marijuana for medical treatments through licensed prescriptions of the doctor as a proof. These dispensaries are mainly registered in its state complying with the state laws, rules regarding its location in the town and also its hours of operation. They conduct the entire process systematically keeping in mind about the safety of patients.

2. Following the laws

Since the selling of marijuana is still illegal without any proper registration you should avoid purchasing it from local drug dealers or unregistered stores. In that way, you will be breaking the law and can be subjected to serious penalties even if you are doing it for medical reasons.

3. Information about the THC product

If you purchase from registered dispensaries you get to know about the details of each infused product in Medical Marijuana from the expert professionals. They have the formulations verified from their in-house Quality Control Laboratory and hence you get well aware of what you are taking and how much dosage you will consume.

4. Affordability

The dispensaries selling marijuana believe in your safety and charge no taxes from the patients.

5. Widest Selection of Products

Registered dispensaries offer a range of delivery services for medical marijuana like transdermal, tropical, edible, sublingual and inhalation options. They are dedicated towards the quality and safe products with accurate dosing.

6. Monthly Specials

With the vast amount of researches and studies being conducted to develop new products for the relief of various symptoms, the dispensaries believe in having the collection of new products as per the trends and gives a monthly special to the patients considering their personal requests.

7. Home delivery and Discounts

Many registered dispensaries offer discounts to the rural people for whom buying the medical marijuana is an expensive affair and provides home delivery services too for the remote and rural areas. Some stores even come up with coupons for the newly registered employees.

8. Purchase of Clones

Many patients prefer growing Medical marijuana at home. So there are many dispensaries supporting these patients by providing them with a selection of quality clones.

Safety Measures

There are many drug dealers who try to fake a dispensary, so be very careful and ask for registered proof from the sellers. Also, take a note if it is supplying Marijuana to nonpatients or giving it to people without registered ID cards.
Legalized states for Medical Marijuana

The no. of states where usage of Medical marijuana is legal are:-  Alaska, California, Arizona, Delaware, Colorado, Hawaii, District of Columbia, Maryland, Maine, Montana, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont. 
So if you are residing in any of these states then only you have the permission to get the Medical Marijuana through their registered dispensaries.
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