Why Laser Gum Contouring is better than Traditional Periodontal Surgery

 There have been some significant advancements in the medical processes in the healthcare industry. Dentistry is not an exception. We have seen revolutionary changes in the dental procedures, which are more effective and easier to perform. One of these procedures includes laser gum contouring, which is a great alternative for traditional periodontal surgery.



Traditional Periodontal Surgery

Previously, the gum surgery was performed by using traditional surgical tools. For instance, during a surgery, incisions were made using scalpels and the incision site was closed by stitches. A gauze was placed during the procedure in order to clear away the blood. However, as we stated earlier, the latest soft-tissue laser technology allows the procedures to be performed in a much efficient and easier way.

Laser Gum Contouring

Laser gum contouring is a procedure which is performed in order to alter the shape of the gum line. It is primarily done for achieving better aesthetics and improved appearance and also contributes to better dental health. The advanced technique used in laser gum contouring ensure that your soft tissues around your gum area mouth are not damaged, making it a fairly safe option. Unlike the traditional periodontal surgery, it does not involve the usage of scalpels or any other surgical instrument. The laser allows to clear away the unwanted gum tissues, which improves their appearance.

Let’s find out more about how Laser Gum Contouring makes a better choice than a conventional periodontal surgery!

Less Bleeding During Surgery

The laser beam that is used on gum tissues seal the wounds while it cuts into the site, which means that there is less blood loss and the bleeding is minimal to none.

Lower Risk of Infection

As the laser seals the wounds as they cut into it, the procedure is highly sanitary than the traditional periodontal surgery. The risk of infection during laser gum contouring, therefore, is significantly reduced. 

Shorter Duration of Healing Time

Normally, patients are able to recover much faster when they undergo laser gum contouring compared to conventional periodontal surgery. The main reason behind the faster healing time is a lower amount of bleeding and reduced trauma experienced during the procedure. It allows the patient to return to their jobs or other activities quickly, making it an attractive option for people who have a time constraint. 

Better Recovery

Using the laser gum contouring not only allow the patients to heal at a much faster rate, but they are also able to heal better i.e. without experiencing any severe side effects or complications. The procedure is almost pain-free and patients hardly feel minor side effects like swelling or irritation, which is quite manageable. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for children and patients who are afraid to go under a traditional periodontal surgery due to fear of pain and risks associated with it.

The final words

In light of the benefits and advantages of laser gum contouring, it is evident that it is a superior and much effective option when compared to a traditional periodontal surgery. Just make sure to choose an experienced dental surgeon who is able to determine your dental problems and how to address them in order to improve the appearance and health of your gum line. 
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