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Preparing to Move into a Nursing Home

 Moving a loved one, or yourself, into a nursing home is a very difficult choice. No one wants to put the care of a person that they love into the hands of another, but it’s very difficult to care for a person, or yourself, when his or her health is failing.

Elderberry and the Common Cold. A Natural Cure?

 We have cured and solved many medical cases in the past hundred years. However, the common cold is not one of those. There are hundreds of pills, liquids, teas, and antiviral drugs that claim to help your cold and flu symptoms. However, many of these are synthetic, and some are even dangerous. While we still don’t have a cure, there might be a better option in your back yard due to recent news. 

Can CBD Help You Sleep and Relieve Pain?

CBD is one of the most sought after medicinal products in the world right now. This is due to the fact that discoveries are being made about the benefits the drug has on human health. Researchers  have confirmed that CBD can help improve your skin’s health. Furthermore, CBD has been used in the treatment of conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, and anxiety.


 Contact lenses have now become a personal care product after it turned convenient and comfortable. The idea of being free from bulky glasses for any situation is almost too good to pass up on the opportunity to buy contact lenses. If you take care of it properly, it will give you a comfortable and healthy vision. 

What Does CBD Oil Feel Like and Does CBD Help People With Pain?

People are trying CBD oil for a number of reasons but two of the most common questions asked about CBD oil are what it feels like and if it actually works as an alternative pain relief medication. So, let's answer those two main questions shall we and see what we can discover.

Kratom Benefits: Is The West Ready For This Healing Herb?

 When it comes to healing pain and curbing opioid addiction, there’s a new plant that is gaining popularity in the West. It’s called kratom. It is a tropical tree (evergreen) that originates in Southeast Asia, in areas such as Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.


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Is There a Link Between Social Media and Eating Disorders?

Social media is more popular than ever, especially among young people. But is there a link between social media and eating disorders? Learn more here.

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