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The Role Music Exploration Plays at Holistic Rehab Centers

Music exploration is becoming more and more popular among modern holistic drug rehab programs. The ability of music to allow patients to identify, process, accept, and work through their emotions has been assisting musical therapists in their treatment of patients within drug rehabilitation centers for many years. But what is music exploration and how exactly does it help patients within these programs?

The Five Most Controversial Aspects of Addiction

Substance abuse is a topic that tends to spark debate: if you were to ask ten people what their views on addiction were, you would almost certainly get ten different answers. However, despite differing opinions, addiction is now a subject that is openly discussed, and there is now more awareness of it being a public health crisis around the world.

Understanding Cocaine Addiction

It's hard to believe, but not everyone knows quite how addictive cocaine is. Known as a party drug because of how it boosts energy and confidence levels, cocaine is so compelling on an emotional, physical and psychological level that many find themselves becoming addicted without realizing it.

How Patients Can Cope with Anxiety During Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

 When binge eating disorder and anxiety co-occur, as they often do, they can make it difficult for patients to move toward recovery with purpose. The symptoms caused by these conditions can complicate binge eating recovery by impeding the use of healthy coping skills. Therefore, people who are going through binge eating disorder treatment need to address their anxiety using effective management techniques. By taking this approach, it is possible to manage the symptoms of both anxiety and binge eating disorder to become fully recovered.

Is Vagina Tightening Worth Doing?

 Vagina tightening is a practice that’s become a lot more popular in recent years. Woman are turning to pelvic floor exercises or even surgery in an effort to “tighten” their vaginas. But is it really worth doing? To answer this we’ll look at the reasons, methods, risks, and benefits around vagina tightening.

7 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Podiatrist in Fort Worth

When searching for a Podiatrist, it’s smart to learn about a few different offices in your area that specialize in the issues that you are having. Beyond the basic of the officetaking your insurance, knowing the office is close to home or your place of employment there are a few other things that you should take into consideration. 

How Does Infertility Treatment Work? - Options and Costs

 It is estimated that one tenth of American couples becomes infertile in their reproductive years. That is a huge number and can seem daunting, but luckily science is always advancing in this area and there are increasingly more options for infertile couples. Many couples even have success without extensive treatments like IVF, opting instead for more modern options that are less physically (and financially) taxing.

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