Beauty of the World in the Smallest Water Drops
Written by Emily   
Sunday, 22 June 2008

"To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself. "

~ Masaru Emoto in "The Hidden Messages in Water"









































Amazing Dancing Water Macro Shots

Splash of Fresh

Tender Touch of Nature

Breathtaking Macro Shots by Sortvind




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Mirko Herzner - Amazing collection     | | 2008-08-10 07:12:37
What an amazing collection of water drops here. Great macro photography. Even if my own photo of a drop is not half as spectacular as the ones shown here, maybe you still want to take a look here:

Admin - Great Shot     | | 2008-08-15 02:53:59
Wow, Mirko! You photo is wonderful! I'd be happy to add it here:)
Thank you for sharing!
dispatcherhelen   | | 2008-08-10 19:22:03
these are amazing. the time and patience that it took to get these photos is awesome
cathode - nice collection of stolen imag   | | 2008-08-12 09:47:55
How about crediting the original photos, thieff?
AmO Admin - Original photo credit     | | 2008-08-15 03:03:51
Hi Dear Cathode!:)
I'd be happy to leave a link to the source. The idea of this site was to share the best beautiful pics that I and others have collected. So sometimes I do not have the links to the origin.
Please, send me the links - so I'll be able to leave a link to the author's site. I'll wait for your reply!:)
Thank you!
Angie   | | 2008-08-28 04:45:18
Most of these seem like legit photos, actual detailed macro images of reflections in the rain droplets themselves.. but which ones have been edited? have the all? the only one i can tell is the droplet with the continents inside... i'd prefer these all be legit reflections with no editing but no telling.. anyone wanna fill me in?
Ashley - Continents     | | 2008-09-20 21:29:35
I can't speak for the legitimacy of the actual image, but the same effect can be created with a well-placed map. (As in, without Photoshop.)
Ryan G - Originals...?     | | 2008-08-31 19:30:43
I have to agree with Angie, some fantastic shots here, but in some of them the perspectives seem to be incorrect. It's not a bad thing as this could also be representative of the skills of a good Photoshopper. But an indication would be good.
tim   | | 2008-09-17 22:32:13
i stumbled here, some are pretty good. the first one (the daisy) though, unfortunately you can see the camera man reflected in the drop. i know that it's hard sometimes to get good reflections without that, but it is an automatic drop in points in a photo shoot
Margherit   | | 2008-10-12 00:06:52
Well maybe that's the point. Maybe he wished to be seen in the photo as a statement.
Cesar Cintron   | | 2008-11-27 13:22:20
] Its very easy to criticise........
just enjoy mate.[/color][/ color][size=medium][
limalmar - Thanks to God ..     | | 2008-10-22 14:58:10
All i can say is that i m lucky, cause i m having eyes to see such as beauty ... and to confess that such as creation never could be a human's ... Allah (God) is Great !
Thank you for sharing with us all this :)
Author     | | 2008-10-24 01:20:15
Thank you Limalmar! I agree, these shots are precious!:)
Mark - excellent pictures     | | 2009-02-13 04:41:34
Well - excellent pictures
resimler - great shots     | | 2009-04-06 11:42:08
reallt great shots..congrats
reena das - incredible     | | 2009-04-10 02:35:15
incredibe pics...
KatagramStudios - Care to look at mine?     | | 2009-05-15 23:47:57
Have just recently gotten into macro water drops..
tell me what you think..
Jenelle - Very interesting Pics     | | 2009-05-27 14:01:22
I loved the lady bug pic
Whitney Segura - Amazing!     | | 2009-05-28 09:05:37
I absolutely love these photo's you have definitely captured the beauty of the world into one amazing gallery!
Anonymous   | | 2009-05-28 15:06:39
these photos are simply splendid. great talent!
ennino - Wonderful!     | | 2010-02-03 01:41:02
they are so wonderful!great art!
GM Agung Nugroho   | | 2010-04-14 00:57:51 beatiful
take picture with heart
GM Agung Nugroho     | | 2010-04-14 00:58:38
siby10   | | 2010-06-08 16:28:38
It's a wonderful collection. What lens did you use for that?
Anonymous - v great     | | 2011-10-08 21:09:43
really .... v great
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