4 Important Ways Your Employees Can Use HSA Accounts

Health savings accounts should be part of the benefit packages that you offer to your employees. They provide an additional layer of protection in the event the employee needs some sort of procedure. In fact, Benecaid HSA accounts can come in handy for a number of medical needs. Here are a few examples of how your employees can put this important resource to good use.

Offsetting Medical Expenses Not Covered by Health Insurance

While group health insurance plans do a great job of covering the costs of most medical treatments and procedures, others are not covered at all. Making sure your employees have HSA accounts allows them to set aside funds for many medical needs not covered by the group policy.

For example, the group policy does not cover chiropractic treatments. An employee who seeks this type of treatment can utilize the funds in his or her HSA account to settle the expense. Knowing the funds are there makes it all the easier to enjoy a wider range of health care options.

Covering the Costs of Dental Work

Not all health insurance plans have provisions for routine dental work or procedures like root canals. This is where the Benecaid HSA account makes a difference. Rather than having to cover the expense our of his or her own pocket, your employee can draw on the balance in the health savings account. This is important, since the employee might try to delay the work for a time and end up with a much worse dental problem, simply because the insurance plan would not help with the cost.

Helping With Outstanding Expenses on Prescription Medications

Just as some group health insurance plans don’t cover routine dental treatments, there may be some limitations on medications. If an employee is prescribed a medication that the insurance plan does not cover, it’s possible to use the funds in the health savings account. The employee won’t have to make decisions about whether to cut back on the food budget or do without that necessary medication.

Paying for Vision Care

That Benecaid HSA account can also be used for many types of vision care. That includes things like exams, corrective lenses, and some types of procedures. Designed to pick up where the health insurance leaves off, the health savings plan makes it a lot easier to get the help your employee needs by making sure a lack of cash does not stand in the way. You can feel good about doing something to help your employees enjoy the highest level of visual acuity possible.

You spent a lot of time comparing group health insurance plans and chose one that you believed would work well for your employees. Continue that caring approach and look into offering them the option to sign up for a health savings account. In the long run, everyone benefits when employees have the resources to obtain the health care they need.
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