5 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter

 Everything we do in the present world is digital, even signing contracts, sending emails and attending meetings, not to mention networking will new business partners. For some reasons, we seem to have ignored those important business cards that are still relevant till this moment, here are the five main reasons why your business cards still matter;

 #1: Swapping Business Information is More Personal with Business Cards

There is nothing personal when sending emails or exchanging business information with people through digital methods. Since we all know that business networking is about initiating genuine connections sending your contact information via smartphone messages or emails is not personal. There are Inspirational business card ideas you can use to connect with people through your business cards. Banana Print can help you design the most suitable business cards that will make a lasting impression.

With the use of digital devices such as smartphones and PC, no lasting memories will be created when two people exchange business contact information. A business card will surely create a personal and memorable experience. Banana Print has the Inspirational business card ideas that can help you in this regard.

#2: Business Cards Remain the Most Effective Direct Marketing Tool

While search engine optimization strategies and other paid media services will only help you attract leads and generate new business prospects, they cannot be compared to in-person meeting that is finalized with the exchange of business cards. With your business cards, you can confidently connect with new business leads and prospects at any time, especially at events such as tradeshows, airport lounges, lunch, and so on. Banana Print has numerous Inspirational business card ideas that can help you initiate business ideas and leads to new prospects easily.

You need to keep your business cards in your wallet, pockets, money-clip and even your laptop and tablet bags so that you will be prepared for your next business encounter.

#3: Your Business Card is the First Impression About Your Business Brand

You can create a lasting impression in the mind of a new person you just meet by handing out a memorable business card. Your business card will do much more than just providing an individual with your email or contact information. When you make a connection with someone via your business card, you definitely don’t want your brand to look cheap, you can rely on Banana Print for some Inspirational business card ideas that can help you project your brand in a very professional manner.

Your goal is to make a memorable and lasting first impression, some brand owners even make use of metal business cards, but you don’t have to create a metal business card, Banana Print can help you choose the best designs and contents that will match your brand 100%. A unique business card will definitely fuel your next conversation; therefore, a business card will remain relevant forever. Creating a stunning business card does not have to be expensive.

#4: Creative Business Cards get Shared More Often

One business card can serve as a free marketing tool, especially when members of your network are sharing your brands through recommendations. Your business card is a physical item that allows your brand to stay with whoever comes in contact with the card. If your business card is creative enough, the first person to get it, will be willing to share it with others. This is the reason why you need to have as many business cards as possible with you, wherever you go. Our business card will expose your brand to prospective clients.

#5: Your Business Card is the Best Way to Show the World You are Prepared

Have you ever seen someone who is trying to send you a text or store your contact number but his smartphone battery just went blank? This is definitely the most unprofessional approach to generating new business leads and contact. Have you ever met someone trying to scramble to get a pen and a paper just to write down his business information for you? Do you find it somehow disgusting when people try to spell their emails just for you to write it down or memorize it? All these approaches to business are absolutely unprofessional and a waste of time.

Since you may not find it easy to do business with someone who always scrambles for a pen and paper to get an information passed to you, you will definitely want to avoid a similar situation by getting your business card ready to show that you are serious about doing business. You can extend your business conversation with someone when you hand out your business card. Even if the person is not in tune with your idea at the beginning, he will surely want to contact you for further discussions when he has your business card. A piece of paper with your phone number may be lost somehow, but a business card will be easier to keep in the pocket.

In conclusion, business cards will remain relevant for a very long time to come and it pays to combine business cards with digital methods of business promotion and marketing campaign.

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