5 Things People Most Forget Until It Is Too Late!

 How reliable is our memory? No matter how good we are at recall and memorising there are certain things in life that seem to be commonly forgotten in life. But given that most of us will forget some things from time to time there are some things that can be critical not to. Let’s look at 5 things people can frequently be known to forget until it’s too late.

 To Pack Something On A Trip

Packing is a nightmare, let’s be honest with ourselves it’s never a fun task and if you’re anything like me then you often leave it to the last minute which is a sure way to forget something. Sometimes this is a fairly trivial thing like a toothbrush or a deodorant but if it’s something expensive or irreplaceable such as a passport then it could ruin your trip before it’s even begun. If you are going on a specialist holiday such as walking or sailing then be sure to have the equipment with you.
Put The Bins Out!
Forgetting to put the bins out might seem like a minor inconvenience at first but if you consider that many local authorities have cut back on collections to save money then you could find it being weeks before you have the bin collected again. With bins changing everywhere and the different bins for different waste it can be easy to get the dates wrong. This could be an issue in attracting pests to your property not to mention the odour problem if this occurs on a summer month.
Renew The Insurance
Forgetting to renew your insurance can have serious, perhaps even fatal consequences. There are so many insurances we all have including medical, motor and life insurance. If you make a simple admin error, don’t change an address or another minor detail you could have an invalid policy. Every year be mindful of the dates and be sure to check what you’re playing and if possible save on life insurance.
A Loved Ones Birthday
Don’t forget your loved one’s birthday! This is key one and obvious too, you really should know this one anyway but with mobile phone calendars and social media features such as Facebook birthday reminders there really is no excuse to forget these days. If you do forget it’s going to cost you a lot of grovelling and making up so be sure to be on top of this one.
Leaving An Appliance On
We’ve all done it, left the iron or the oven on when we’ve left in a hurry. But although we would usually get away with this the risk of how badly wrong this can go could be devastating. 40% of all house fires are started by cooking appliances and most of them are due to an unattended cooker. Be sure to have a good check of everything before you leave the house, the extra couple of minutes is worth saving the house.
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