6 Criteria for Choosing an Aged Care

Your elderly parent cannot stay at home anymore? Before you start looking for a host institution, put your criteria for choice.

On the Internet, many sites also allow you to compare the offers of different aged cares like arcare aged care provides best facilities. You will easily know the status (public, private, associative), prices, size...

1 - The place

Ideally, it is important for your parent to stay close to their home environment, maintain a social connection with those around them ... and that you and their loved ones can continue to visit without having to travel long distances.

2 - The price

Higher or lower depending on the type of institution (public, private non - profit, private for commercial purpose), it is decisive. The bulk of the expense is related to accommodation: hotels, restaurants, maintenance, and entertainment. Check what is included to avoid unpleasant surprises, as extras (personal laundry care, incontinence pads, pedicure care ...) are often charged. Activities can also entail additional costs.
Before doing any research, make a budget based on your loved one's retirement or pension, income, savings, and possibly what you can do to help them. Because the charges are heavy. Depending on the resources of your loved one and the institutions, helpers can lighten the rating: APA(Personalized allowance of autonomy), APL (Personalized Assistance to Housing) and ASH (Social Assistance to housing).

3 - The waiting time

Warning! It is not uncommon to have to wait between 3 to 6 months to get a place, and sometimes 2 years for the most wanted establishments! Hence the importance of anticipating and not choosing in an emergency. We recommend that you begin your process as soon as you consider investing in a aged care, before you even talk to your family member. You will make a serene and thoughtful choice. Some institutions offer temporary accommodation, a solution that can allow patience and testing.

4 - The size

A priori, the smaller they are, the more the establishments seem human. However, size is not necessarily the best criterion of choice. Everything depends on the atmosphere of the establishment. Ask large institutions (more than 80 beds) about their organization: some are organized in places of life of 12 to 24 people, divided by level of dependency .

5 - The level of medicalization

In small living units (PUV), accommodating less than 25 residents, care is provided by external structures, home nursing services. If the addiction becomes heavy, your parent may have to change to a more medical structure .
In contrast, establishments with more than 80-90 beds have the advantage of a good level of medicalization.

6- The staff

Pay attention to the number of staff serving residents. A ratio of careers / residents considered acceptable is 0.6 (6 caregivers per 10 residents). The current average is 0.3.
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