8 simple tricks that will make you a better photographer

 Whether you are an accomplished photographer or still learning the ropes, every photography enthusiast seeks to develop the eye for the perfect photos. We have decided to explore exciting ideas to help you make that quick progress in your photography skills. 

 Here’s a look at the simple tricks that will ensure you are taking better pictures

Enhance you photography tips and tricks

1. Learn photo technology

In this era of technological advancement, there are tried and tested techniques put to use by professional photographers. For example, learning on different composition is a great place to start in understanding how to put the focus on your picture. Remember, these cameras come with different photo technology, and this makes a significant impact on the end picture product. 

2. Explore lighting

Lighting remains an essential element of photography tips and tricks. The amount of light present practically affects the quality of the photo your produce. It’s therefore, becomes necessary to look at the light and identify how this element would affect your photography session. In most times, the sun would alter the exposure of your item and even create different feelings from the picture.

Although this is not something that you can learn overnight, with time, you will get to know the perfect lighting for your camera. Identify that light is an art by itself and it goes hand-in-hand with photography 

3. Change positioning and placement 

Since all subjects are not the same, it is only fair to experiment with different positions. It’s also boring shooting in the same position all the time. A good tip then is to take your camera and get down to shooting while changing your position. When shooting, just try to squat, lie down, bend down, move to the side and so on. 
A good example of this is when you try lying down when taking a photo of an animal or a kid. You will realize that the outcome of these photos will be more compelling than when standing. Be creative and try a different position to get that perfect shot. 

4. Experiment with composition techniques

By learning on different composition techniques you can quickly identify how t photo is composed and organized. This mostly is what separates the pros and armatures in photography. For instance, image composition techniques enhance photos by identifying which part of the picture that the subject exists. As composition can change the entire look of an image, learn the tricks and use them to your advantage, rule of third, leading lines, patterns, framing, cropping, and symmetry are just some of the new composition techniques essential in bringing harmony to your overall photo. You don’t want to look like an amateur. 

5. Photo editing techniques 

Another thing to familiarize with is photo editing techniques, Now a days specially for ecommerce or weeding photography or any kind of high end glamour retouching photographers take help from different kind of photo editing company and they really give you amazing service with your budget. This technique has revolutionized the photography industry as photographers can now take photos become what you want it to be. When you focus your effort on learning the technology and techniques, you can count on become a better photographer. 

6. The golden hour

The golden hour sunrises or sunsets- is another secret for most professional photographers. The notion is that the best images are during these times, and the lighting during then is what does the fantastic outcomes of the photos. Photos at this time will simply be amazing. 

The secret with these moments is that during such times the sun does not exhibit sharp shadows on subjects and thus light splashes. This makes it a perfect time to take those high images during the early morning or when the sun is going down. It’s at this time that photographers get to know the magic their cameras can do. 

7. Learn from other photographers

Any aspiring photographer is sure to have a mentor they look up to for various reasons. This is by far not unusual and is in fact quite recommended since you can learn a lot. Don’t feel shy or intimidated to ask other photographers their techniques and how they choose a particular subject. 

Become a student of others no matter the level of experience you may have as a photographer. The zeal of being open to learning new things is an excellent asset in photography since it brings plenty of progress in your overall craft. Learning from magazines and other forums to get inspired. 

8. Always use manual mode

You want to learn the techniques of a camera and take clear shots? Then never use automatic mode. This will be a very big step to learn how to become a better photographer. Automatic mode is for those who want to take shots of a simple picture and not necessarily learn how to become a good photographers. Manual mode makes you be in control of the camera whenever you are taking a photo. 
Manual mode is camera will enable you to study the image you are focusing on before you shoot. This, therefore, lets you shoot from an angle and a distance that makes sense to you. 

9. Invest in good equipment

With the right month, proper photography gear can practically make all the difference. Some of the best photographers have plenty of good photo equipment. This is because good photography is always about quality photos. 
This it is only practical to aim at having better photography tools in your belt if you are looking to up your skills. However, as we are already aware, it takes learning first to ensure this is possible. Get to learn the proper techniques to make your photos look incredible. 

Consequently, this means it becomes essential to explore and learn more about the technical aspects of the gadgets present in photography. 

Final thoughts 

As a photographers, it’s good to always be positive in everything you do. This is the key to success and you should keep on challenging yourself to learn new tricks and tips. This will go a long way in helping you become a better photographer.


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