Armand Peri - Artist, Athlete And Entrepreneur

Armand Peri was born originally in Portugal with a keen interest in Art. His talent surpassed many as he was spotted by art teachers and enrolled in one of the best art schools in the world. When he was 17, he won a national talent search competition and went to Washington, DC to meet the president and first lady. Soon after the fitness bug took a hold. His competitive nature drove him forward, he soon set his sights on competing, but not in art, this time, he wanted to be on stage and unveil his body as a work of art.


Successfully winning his very first bodybuilding competition, Armand has become renowned for his awesome physique and hard work. This is his story:

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Armand Peri

Weight: 225 - 235lbs (102.05 - 106.5kg)

Waist: 30"

Height: 5'10" (177.5cm)

Year of Birth





Entrepreneur, Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Artist, Investor




First Place Junior Bodybuilding New Jesrsey State Championships

First Place Mr. New Jersey

First Place NPC Suburban Overall Winner

3rd. Place NPC Jr. Nationals

4th. Place NPC Jr. USA Championships

6th. Place NPC USA Championships


Raised in Portugal until the age of 12, Armand Peri was always interested in Bodybuilding, Art and fitness. He enjoyed playing Basketball and soccer for the majority of his youth and working out in the gym.

Competition In The NPC Nationals

Being used to the competitive environment, Armand started to feel there was something missing in his life. This is when he met John Kemper from Diamond Gym in Maplewood New Jersey. John told Armand "You have the bone structure and genetics to become one of bodybuilding's best.”

His 8 hour study days from Monday to Friday, and working in night clubs every weekend forced him to rethink his whole approach to leave no stone unturned. His preparation had to be on point and calculated.

“I knew I wanted to become one of the best bodybuilders, no excuses.”His sights were set high, his passion was unwavering , but one thing started o get in the way, his ego. As Armand explains it; “Like the majority of people starting out in the gym, my ego tended to get the best of me and I was trading technique and efficiency for too much weight.” He continues ” Luckily, I had Jonh Kemper, one of bodybuilding's best coaches to guide me when something wasn’t working.”

Through the years, Armand’s made his dreams into a reality by true grit and a “no-excuses” attitude. By Julie Chan

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