Best Family Reunion Ideas that are Actually Funny Too

 One of the main goals of a family reunion is to bring people together so that everybody can meet and have a nice time. To facilitate fun and entertainment, a lot of activities need to be arranged carefully. Family reunion games that promote collaboration and laughter make a significant contribution to the advancement of a familial environment. Below are family reunion activities and games that everybody in your family reunion can enjoy. 


You can create a table with craft items, and the family can pick the craft according to their preference. One idea is to use Popsicle sticks, paint makers, glue, scissors, and photo frame construction paper, ideal for housing the numerous photos were taken at a family reunion. The kids will love doing this activity and older family members can get engaged in a practical way or ask kids to create frames to order. 


In case you are planning to have a family reunion at the park or someone’s house, you have to fire up the grill for an ensured nice time. Grill both meat and vegetables so that individuals of all lifestyle can have a decent meal. Grilling dishes can be exceptionally easy, ranging from vegetables and fruits dishes to cheese and crackers. Request any of the family member to come with a dish or have the family members to contribute to the food budget and form a team of local family members to do the cooking and shopping. 

Watching home movies

For your family members, an entertaining option is to bring back old Christmas movies or different occasions which were gathered by the entire family in recent years. It's an extraordinary way to recall the past. Kids will be cheerful to see their uncles and aunties in past years, and adults will as well enjoy themselves. This choice will make lasting memories for many years. 

Tossing Eggs 

Try the game of egg toss during outdoor fun. The family members can pair off and arrange themselves into two lines that face each other and are only one foot apart. Every player on one side tosses the egg to his/her accomplice in the other line. Everybody at that point makes a stride back and returns the toss. Finally, the distance increases and becomes so big that the eggs are broken. The last pair with an unblemished egg win. The reunification coordinators should provide cleaning utensils, for example, a container of water, cleanser and a towel. 

Playing cornhole

The Cornhole game is a great game to play with your friends and family members. A complete cornhole play set consists of a few boards with holes in the middle, 2 sets of cornhole bean bags and a string (optional). Remember to buy a lightweight plastic game board that is easy to carry such that during a family reunion, you can take out your table. If you are not familiar with the game, this is not a problem because the rules are simple and involve people of almost any age. Young and old, men and women can play this game. This game is for everyone. People of different social status can play and everyone will have fun. You do not have to be physically strong to win the match. So, no one really has any advantage over the other in terms of the physique and even the old age.


In addition to dancing, you might want to bring a karaoke machine and your TV so everybody can play music. You can buy a karaoke machine at a reasonable price. It's an enjoyable way to include kids while offering a special and fascinating activity.

Card Games 

Several card games and tables and seats invite reunion participants to take a seat and together play the game. This excellent card games are helpful during idle discussions and enable family members to discuss what has happened since the last family reunion. 

Family wall painting 

The whole family can participate in a painting that could be on a real wall or a big white pennant. The theme of the wall painting could be talked about during reunification and be voted before the start of the work. 


Family reunions are a good time to see loved ones whom you have not seen for a long time. You can learn about the past and discuss at the same time what is happening in everyone’s life. For family reunification to work well, a plan must be developed.

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