Best types of Tan Software

Tan software is a type of tool that helps salons keep track of various activities. It primarily focuses on managing data so that you have your client’s contacts and other necessary details on point. Apart from this, the different tan software gives different benefits, and that’s why you can choose them for improving the IT condition at your salon.

Tan software is a must for all expert salons and is the best upgrade you were looking for. Check out the top tan software types so that you can choose them for building a strong customer base:


SalonTouch Studio

Salon Touch Studio is one of the most secured & easiest tan software. Salon Touch Studio main features are: easy to use appointment screen, quick client check-in, simple pos, client tracking & marketing, inventory tracking, Email & text massaging and have multiple service options like: (Salon, Spa, Tan, Fitness, Dance, Yoga, Massage).

Rosy Salon

Rosy Salon is one of the top tan software that you can download for your company. They help you make client’s appointments, the point of sale, text and email clients for updates and manage the business. The software also works on cellular devices so that you don’t need to open your laptop every time you want to manage or change the data.

Salon Iris

Salon Iris is a pretty popular tab software that is used by many salons. It helps you operate the software from anywhere and is compatible with most devices. The software helps client book appointments with ease, automates your marketing services, and helps you control all your actions.


Vagaro is great tan software that helps you manage calendar, marketing, online booking, notifications through emails, texts and push, the point of sale, customer tracking, and reports. It allows you to go through a trial before you decide to invest in the software for $25 per month only.


You get a free trail with tan software Insight and it helps you just the way you expect these to work. They make appointments easy, market your offers and services, creates proper customer profiles, lets you check inventory and service updates, and stores staff payroll information. Point of sale and reporting are other common tan software features that this too has.

Salon Target

Salon Target is an interesting tan software that helps you retain customers. You get a unique rating option and client referral option, which are not available in most other software. This software helps you record quick booking, automates marketing, attract clients with ratings, manages inventory, and helps in every way to retain a client.


Shedul has a record of serving more than 40,000 all over the world and used by over 1,50,000 stylists. The software has reached out to 120 countries and is working well for all. You can also incorporate Shedul tan software to schedule appointments, manage bookings, sell your products, automate marketing services, and more.
These were some of the top options to turn to when looking for tan software. Some more names that you can think of are Booker, Marketing 360, Acuity Scheduling and Salon Ultimate. All of these can work for you just the way you need it. You need to make sure that your tan software has the features you are looking for before you invest in them. Try to start with trails so that know which software is right for you.


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