Break up, its Effect on a Person and its Solution

 As a human being, we have to bear lots of pain in life. There are so many reasons behind those hardships. Breaking up a relationship is one of the main reasons. 

Break up (What is break up?):

Break up means ending of an intimate relationship. People fall in love and have to break up due to some situations. Love is a source of happiness where break up is just the opposite of it. Most of the time, people break down after breaking up.

Effects of break up:

It is said that the hottest love has the coolest end. Most of the breakups happen through some dramatic incidents. Those incidents effect on mental health as well as physical health.

Effects on mental health: as love is a matter of emotions; the break up affects mostly on the mind. When you were in a relationship, the whole world of you was full of your partner, and after breaking up, that world gets shattered in front of you. As you cannot control emotion with logic, you cannot control yourself whenever you think that at present your partner has no existence in your life. You cannot concentrate on any work. Even the most favourite games of you will turn in to a bitter one. Everything and every moment of your life become a lie. As memories never die, all the memories of your previous partner roaming around you and those sweet memories turn in to poison and start to kill you inside.

You have Many people cannot bear the pain and want to end the sad life, but ending of life is not a solution. When you were in a relationship, you had a friend circle relating your partner, but after a break up most of the time, you cut the connection with them though you do break up with your partner, not with others. Gradually you become so lonely because you do not like the company of your friends and family members. Nothing and no one can comfort you. After breaking up, the common fact that you will face is confusion.

There are so many questions will arise in your mind like, though I had tried my best, why my partner did this? What was my fault? Will my partner come back again? Are there any possibilities for that? Does not my partner feel the same for me? Was everything a big lie? After this situation, you cannot trust anyone. You cannot love anyone. You will feel unsecured. You will face anxiety; depression and it takes a huge time to become a normal person again. It is so hard to move on. 

Effects on physical health: As mind controls body, break up effects on physical condition too. You will not continue the daily activities because you do not like to do anything except thinking about your ex. Love relates with brain and heart so, after breaking up, the mind and heart will be affected. The stress of break up is the reason for acne. You will feel chest pain as well as sore muscles. Due to anxiety and depression, you cannot sleep. Because of insufficient sleep, you have to bear a headache. You will lose your appetite which will decrease your health gradually.   

The solution of a break up (How to move on after a break up):
It is tough to move on after breaking up. It takes a lot of time to accept that the person you love who was you your whole world is no longer with you. You cannot fulfil your dreams which you had dreamed with your partner. But you cannot continue your life with this broken heart. If you want to move on, you have to fix your self.

But getting over a breakup can also be a chance.

Self-realization: After the breakup, no one can control your mind but only you. You have to realize the present situation as well as accept the fact. You have to make yourself understand that life never stops because of the absence of someone. You have to carry on your life. Try to judge yourself from the past. If you want to be in a new relationship to forget your previous lover than you are not matured enough. First, you have to learn to cop up with your present situation. Then take a break. After moving on fully, you can think about a new start with a new one.

Yourself Improve: There is a famous quote that the best revenge is to improve yourself. You will get a chance to improve yourself start a new fresh life. You can think about revenge to show your previous partner that what they have lost. Instead of thinking about your previous lover, start analyzing your past activities. Think about how to be more active and how to build up the stronger personality with a strong career which will make you more attractive to all. 
Spend a busy time: When you will be alone, the memories of your previous lover will come to your mind give pain. That is why trying to keep yourself busy. Contact with friends and family members. Spend time with them. Go on a tour with them. Change your living place. Play games. Read books. Do exercise.  Try new hobbies. Spend more time to improve yourself in the job sector.

Fix your heart: memory kills, and you understand this fact after breaking up. The source of your pain is a memory. If you want to move on fully, you have to replace those memories. If you spend your time watching your ex-partner and memorizing those precious moments, you can never move on. You will fall into a maze from which no one can save you, but only you can protect yourself.

Life is full of ups and downs. Making a new relationship and break up is a part of our daily life. People cannot control their emotions towards others. By time emotion changes that is why relationship changes. As a relationship builds upon trust and mutual feeling towards other so change of sentiment is the reason of a breakup. You have to accept these facts and have to move on in life.


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