Causes and treatment of Hearing loss?

 Hearing problems are varied, both in their manifestations and in the associated causes. These include hearing loss, hyperacusis or tinnitus.Hearing loss is a major handicap for both children and adults. It affects the quality of life, communication, perception, but also learning. Hearing loss can involve one or two ears. There are different degrees of deafness: we speak of mild deafness when it comes to a loss of 20 to 40 decibels (db), average for a loss of 40 to 70 db, severe for a loss of 70 to 90 db, and deep for a loss of more than 90 db.

 Hearing loss can be gradual, particularly related to natural aging, or brutal, or be present from birth due to a malformation or a genetic defect.You can get complete treatment for these hearing problems from famous hospitals such as Puget Sound. This treatment center is providing personalized hearing healthcare solutions.

Hyperacusis is characterized by hypersensitivity to hearing and intolerance to certain everyday sounds that are usually well tolerated. In other words, you hear well but some sounds become unbearable: the crumpling of a paper, the sound of wind, that of a vacuum cleaner, or the ringing of the phone. People with hyperacusis also most often experience other symptoms, such as pain, migraines, fatigue, nausea, and tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a symptom of parasitic noises in one or both ears that do not respond to external stimulation. They can be temporary or permanent and take the form of whistling, pulsating, rattling, hissing, whirring or buzzing. Their volume is variable and their degree of disturbance also.

What are the causes of hearing problems?

Loss of hearing

It can be due to an attack of the external auditory canal, the middle ear or the inner ear. Let us mention in a non-exhaustive way the following causes:

physical trauma: ear injury, stroke, head trauma
pressure on the right or left auditory nerve
a viral or bacterial infection: meningitis, measles, mumps, shingles, syphilis or rubella
the consumption of so-called ototoxic drugs, such as certain antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or certain antimalarial treatments
Exposure to chemicals, such as those used in industry (so-called aromatic solvents: toluene, benzene, etc.)
an acute acoustic trauma: the deafening sound of a firearm, an explosion or a detonation, jackhammers during work or amplified music (concert, nightclub)


The causes of hyperacusis are poorly understood. Let's quote all the same:

prolonged exposure to high noise levels
head trauma
emotional shock or post-traumatic stress
an ear infection


The causes of tinnitus are varied:

excessive exposure to noise (sound trauma)
aging-related hearing loss (in the elderly)
physical trauma, such as head trauma, ear injury, or stroke
taking medication that can damage the constituents of the inner ear
the presence of a wax plug
Meniere's disease
disorders affecting the blood supply of the inner ear
or repeat otitis

What are the solutions to treat hearing problems?

The treatments for hearing problems are dependent on their cause. A doctor may make an accurate diagnosis and may provide appropriate treatment, or at least a way to relieve or live better with hearing problems.

Hearing loss

Whether it concerns one or two ears, whether light or severe, hearing loss should be the subject of a medical consultation. The treatments are dependent on the cause and can appeal, among others, to:

taking corticosteroids
hyperbaric oxygen therapy
the administration of hypertonic solutions
implant placement
the use of a hearing aid
a surgical intervention


To relieve hyperacusis, the following measures can be effective:

re-education of the ear, using a white noise generator
desensitization therapy
or additional treatments such as learning how to manage stress with sophrology or relaxation


No medicine can stop tinnitus, but there are ways to relieve tinnitus perception:

behavioral or sound therapies
osteopathy, homeopathy or acupuncture

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