Do I Need to Install Plumbing with My New Hot Tub?

 Deciding to buy a hot tub is an exciting occasion and one that will fill your entire family with anticipation for the day it is scheduled to arrive. One frequent question that many dealers get is, ‘Do I need to install plumbing with my new hot tub?’ 

You may be surprised that the answer is that most hot tub models are self-contained and pre-plumbed units. This means that no additional residential water supplies or drains are required or on-site connections. Below we will answer some other questions that you may have regarding the installation of your hot tub. 

How Easy/Hard is it to Install a Hot Tub?

There are two main types of installation:

Inside Installations: Here, the main concern is making sure that there is proper ventilation to handle the moisture emitted by the hot tub as well as having proper drainage in the room. Often, people will choose to install a hot tub in their basement as part of a home gym area. 

Outdoor Installations: Your installation costs will be lower the closer the hot tub is placed to your home. This is because the hot tub’s electrical panel and the electrical wires needed to connect to your home are costly, so the fewer materials required, not to mention fewer labor costs involved to dig trenches and bury cables will save you money. 

There are multiple factors that will determine how difficult or easy the installation of your hot tub will be. One thing is for certain - always use professionals to ensure your hot tub is properly installed and will be safe to use. In fact, a hot tub can weigh over 700 pounds alone and over 4,000 once filled with water and people - not something you want to risk handling on your own. You will also need to make sure that you have the proper concrete foundation that will support your hot tub and that all electrical wiring meets the electrical code for your area.

Can I Do It Myself or Get a Friend to Help Me? What is Recommended? 

Even though your new hot tub does not require installing additional plumbing, the complexity of installing your hot tub should always be handled by professionals. Buying a hot tub is a large investment and if you decide to try and install on your own, you can risk accidentally damaging the hot tub or even worse, seriously injuring yourself or someone helping you. Our recommendation is to always speak to your hot tub dealer to find out about the specific installation requirements for your model and to also make sure that your electrician reads the owner’s manual prior to connecting the unit. 

Is This Part of the Service, or Is an Extra Fee Involved? 

Costs can vary depending on the type of installation and complexity involved as well as what a dealer may include as part of their service. Make sure to always ask for an up-front installation quote to ensure that you have budgeted the proper amount and do not end up with a surprise bill. Above ground, installations are usually quite simple as they only require a power supply and concrete base pad. If you want to install your hot tub inground, the cost will be higher as excavation and structural support will be necessary.

About the Author

Scott Bland has been in the leisure industry for nearly 20 years.  As a sales manager in the leisure industry he knows hot tubs inside and out.  Right now he works sales while writing about consumer goods on the side.  If you want to contact him, you can do so at his LinkedIn.


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