Flowers and their unique fragrances:

There is hardly anyone in this world, who does not like flowers. But have you ever wondered why flowers have such a universal appeal?  Most of the flowers are beautiful, and a soothing sight to the eyes. But, is that the only reason? Obviously not! Any discussion on the beauty of a flower is incomplete without a mention of its fragrance!

Since time immortal, online flowers delivery in Bangalore have been used to enhance the ambience of the place, not only through their visual beauty, but also by their fragrance! Much before perfumes were made, women used to put flowers in their dresses. This was the most primitive form of perfume. Since perfumes began to be extracted and created from flowers, their utility increased and flowers have since then been specifically cultivated for perfumes. So, let’s check out some flowers that are known for their scents and may be used for perfumes or to add a unique scent to a bouquet:

Chocolate Cosmos:

Chocolate cosmos flowers can be described as reddish brown or pinkish maroon in color. They are so named because they emanate an enticing warm vanilla scent, just like so many chocolates. Tempting as it may be, never make the mistake of tasting a chocolate cosmos, since they are highly poisonous! Gardeners generally recommend that chocolate cosmos are grown in clusters of 6 to 8 plants so as to optimize their smell. Also, their scent grows more intense during summer. 


Heard of frangipani? Found in warm tropical areas of the Caribbean, Mexico, Pacific Islands and South America, these pretty flowers come in different shades of pink, red, yellow and white. What adds to their beauty is that there is a hint of gold at their centre, as if the sun touched them with a soft, gentle touch. Frangipani has a typical topical fragrance that grows more intense as evening approaches. These flowers are commonly added to bouquets to add both, color and fragrance, to it.     


Gardenias are the classic, ever-green shrubs and in early summer, they bloom these whit, thick and wax-textured flowers. The best part about these flowers is that they emit one the most exotic, sensuous and sultry fragrance. Gardenia is a part of some of the world’s best known perfumes, including Marc Jacobs EDP and Chanel’s Gardenia!   


The sweet, luxuriant smell of white or yellow jasmines are highly popular with perfumers or perfume manufacturers. Jasmine has been known as a powerful aphrodisiac since times immortal.  


These delicate-looking but tough, the lily-of-the-valley flowers are bell-shaped flowers, seen in hues of white or pink, emit a strong, sweet smell! As civilization developed, the sweet fragrance of the lily-of-the-valley has come to be associated with the feminine and female beauty. As a result, the lily-of-the-valley is a popular scent used in the making of a variety of perfumes worldwide. Indeed, some of most popular perfumes in the world use the lily-of-the-valley as a base note or middle note!


Last but never the least, roses in Bangalore remains the flower with the most sought after fragrance ever since it was first discovered! It is said that different people describe its fragrance differently. Mysterious,, evocative, aphrodisiac, romantic, relaxing and soothing are some of the words that have been used to explain the smell of the rose!  

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