Flowers for different Occasions:

 It is a commonly accepted and a much appreciated practice to gift flowers on various occasions to spouses, lovers, friends, family and colleagues. But you may often end up being confused when you buy flowers for gifting. You may not be able to decide about the kind of flowers to gift to someone for a certain occasion. 

 A lot of factors decide the kind of online flowers bouquet delivery in Mumbai you can gift on the specific occasion – the occasion itself, the season in which you gift the flower, the kind of equation you share with the person for whom the gift is meant and the recipient’s likes or dislikes. While the choice is made almost intuitively by most people, here are some guidelines to help you make the right choices when it comes to what type of flowers you can gift on which occasion:


Though carnations are gaining popularity as a gift, you need to be very careful with them. Their meaning changes with their color. Since pink carnations symbolize a woman’s motherly love, they may be given to your mom for her birthday or Mother’s day. White carnations are symbolic of purity and pure love. Hence they are given to brides on their wedding day, especially amongst Christians. Carnations in light shades of red express admiration, while the dark red carnations portray deep love, especially that of a woman. White carnations symbolize luck and pure love, while the purple ones suggest fickleness. Yellow carnations can be used to express disappointment or rejection. And finally, striped carnations can be used to express regret or denial. 


Daisy makes for a very versatile gift. It represents purity. It can be given to your lover or spouse on their birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day, since it represents loyalty in love. It also symbolizes new beginnings. Hence it is a good housewarming gift or as a gift to someone starting a new venture or job. Gerbera daisy spreads joy and cheerfulness. 


Gardenia has a very positive impact on the atmosphere, since they lend a unique sweetness, purity and joy. Gardenias can also be given to a young girl or woman to compliment her on her beauty and loveliness. They also represent secret love.


Lilacs usually symbolize youthful innocence as well as confidence. Lilacs are also popular as gifts for 8th wedding anniversary. Purple lilacs stand for first love and thus are often exchanged between teenaged or young lovers.  


Orchids symbolize refined beauty, femininity and thoughtfulness! They are one of the longer lasting flowers and this makes them a great gift for any occasion. Coming to specific color, pink orchids represent pure affection and are a popular gift for 14th anniversary.

The orchid is the Chinese symbol for many children. It is a unique flower that gives off an aura of exotic beauty and flair. Orchids stand for refinement, mature charm, femininity, and thoughtfulness. They offer a sense of elegance and delicate beauty. Orchids are long lasting and make great gifts for virtually any occasion. Pink orchids are traditionally given for the fourteenth wedding anniversary and symbolize pure affection. 


Red roses are the most popular gifts conveying a deep, passionate love and are therefore exchanged amongst couples on a number of occasions. Pink roses represent a gentler and softer form of love. Yellow roses are symbols of friendship, joy and care, while white ones stand for purity, chastity and new beginnings. 
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