How to Choose the Right Menstrual Hygiene Product for You?

According to, the average women uses around 10,000 feminine hygiene products during her lifetime. While sanitary napkins and tampons are believed to be the mainstream options, menstrual cups are also getting immense popularity because of their great functionality and ease of use. The purpose of this post is to single out one product that can be your best alley during your periods.


Tampons are one of the top choices amongst women under 40’s. This product is used to absorb menstrual flow and provides incredible freedom to women during their periods. Tampons are available in different sizes and absorbency levels. It is recommended that one should change tampon at least after 4-8 hours. To recall, the hyper absorbable tampons were said to be the major reason behind TSS (toxic shock syndrome) in 1980s. Moreover, studies also suggest that the excessive use of tampons may result in UTIs. 

Sanitary Napkins

Menstrual pads aka sanitary napkins are another prominent feminine hygiene product that’s being used by the women all around the world. This product also comes in different sizes and absorbency levels. Sanitary pads are great for women with light-flow. Despite its popularity, this option is considered to be highly uncomfortable and difficult to handle. 
Menstrual Cups

If you’re quite sensitive about hygiene, a silicone-based menstrual cup can make a perfect choice for you. Plus, it is able to give you great relief during your high-flow days. Daisy Menstrual Cup suggests that a menstrual cup can hold 3 to 4 times more fluid than tampons. 
Since menstrual cups contain no harsh chemicals, bleach or dyes, it is certainly the safest option for women of all ages. The best part is, its reusable – yes, unlike tampons which absorbs the fluid, you need to empty the fluid contained in the menstrual cup into your toilet. 
Why Menstrual Cups Are Better than Other Options?
  • Prevents Vaginal Dryness: Unlike tampons which absorb natural skin moisture along with the fluid, menstrual cups do not trigger vaginal dryness. They help in balancing the PH balance and make your menstrual days irritation-free and comfortable.
  • No Risk of Fibers: Tampons are made up of highly-absorbent fiber that triggers the risk of fiber deposits on the vaginal wall. The menstrual cups, on the other hand, are made up of medical-grade high-quality silicone that eliminates the risk of left over fibers. 
  • Chemical-Free: Menstrual cups contain no harsh chemicals, dyes, bleach or gels. Thus, the risk of allergies eczema or other skin related issues are comparatively low.
  • Menstrual Cups are Eco-Friendly: The average women discard around 130-150kg of pads and tampons in landfill sites. Menstrual cups are made up of silicone and it can be reused after emptying the fluid. By using these cups, you can play your part as a responsible citizen.
  • Economical: Did you know the average women spends around $9-$10 each month on sanitary goods?  If you do some basic math, it amounts to $120 every year. You can easily save this amount by investing in a reusable cup that you can use for several years ahead.
  • Easy to Use: Menstrual cups are incredibly easy to use. Initially, you may require to do a little practice to know the correct position. But once you know the right angle, you would be surprised to see how comfortable and simple to use it is.

Make sure to empty and rinse your cup after 4-10 hours. The entire process is simple and clean. This product is great if you’re a sportswomen or love swimming as it stays at its position even after doing heavy physical activity.

Whether you’re in your 30’s or experiencing periods for the first time, menstrual cups are a great choice because of its flexibility and ease of use. Especially, if you take hygiene seriously, they make a great fit due to its chemical-free nature.

No matter what menstrual hygiene product you select for your periods, be sure to take standard hygiene measures to alleviate risk of infections and other hazardous diseases. Keep in mind, you can always talk to your mother, doctor or elder sister regarding any period-related issue. Stay healthy, stay safe…
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