How to keep baby Engaged in a long Drive

Traveling along with your baby may be enjoyable or not. But sometimes, it is stressful. It depends on various things including your baby’s attitudes towards traveling in a car, train or plane or the journey (short or long) you are going to make. A shorter trip is easier and comfortable while a longer one is challenging. But all the obstacles can be overcome though. 

 The most important thing is to keep your baby engaged during travel. There are some ways you can adapt to do the same thing with your cute little one. 

For a long drive, the night should be your best choice to travel as babies sleep most during the night. So, sleep can be one option for your baby to spend the most time during a long drive. Kids’ funny toys come in the second position because they love to play with toys like car baby mobile, Legos, water bottles,etc. Besides, they also like to play with their parents as well. To keep your kids cheerful and engaged both at home and outside, you have to act as a singer, joker, fighter and the like.

Before starting your journey, you can consider the following things as they are proven ways to keep your baby engaged, calm and made a successful long drive.

Toys your baby like

At home, you probably, pay heed to your little one when he plays with toys. Among toys, few are his favorite,and he likes to play with them more. Take those toys with you into your backpack. As you start moving, your baby may not disturb you at the very beginning due to the shaking of the car. But the situation will not last long. When your kid gets bored, give him the toy he likes to play.

Play music (don’t stick to lullabies only)

Kids tend to listen to lullabies before going to sleep. But it does not mean that the music works all time. Sometimes, they also hear other songs. So, play different music and keep an eye on which suits him best. Continue playing the music,and it will pass few moments.

Drawing books

Kids love to draw with colored pencils. Though it is not the perfect place for your baby to draw riding on a car, still it works. Encourage your baby to draw some funny character or animals and birds they like. 

Be a storyteller

Try to tell a story in a funny way weaving your hands and head so that it becomes more interesting to your baby. Change the expression on your face frequently and try to keep a strong eye to eye contact with your baby. It helps to make your baby engaged with you.

Water Bottles can also be a good gaming stuff

A bottle with some water into it and a few pennies into the bottle can perform as entertainment stuff. Make sure you have screwed the lid super-tight so that no water can come out of the bottle and make your baby wet. Just shake the bottle before your little one and let him watch the water and pennies splash about inside the bottle.

Your baby needs a new and instant friend to pass the time

Sounds funny? But he needs a new friend to pass the time on the car. An unbreakable mirror can solve the issue easily. Like others, babies also love to gaze in a mirror to see his reflection. In most cases, before a baby’s second year, he cannot figure out that the image he can see in the mirror is his image. He assumes the image of the baby is another baby and his instant friend.

Be a singer yourself (Don’t need to be professional)

Babies love their mother’s voice as they hear it from their birth. No matter how your voice hears. Maybe you are accustomed to singing lullabies most often. But you can change it too as your baby may not love to hear lullabies all time. Try to sing other songs whatever it is. Your moo moo moo sounds are also sweet to your baby. They love to hear their familiar voice from you.


Cover something with your hand or clothes and uncover it before your baby. Hiding games are very interesting to them. You can also hide your face by your hand and reveal it. They love these type of hiding and seeks. In this way, you can keep your baby engaged while driving the car. You may have noticed that your baby likes to hide and seek just after few weeks of his birth.

Create an environment to play puppet show

Not only the babies but adults like puppet show also. But in your car, there is almost no chance to play a puppet show for your little kids. Your fingers can solve the problem.

Here is how….

Decorate your fingers with colorful paper or just with a colorful pen so that they look like the toys of a puppet show. Move your fingers and sing or tell story accordingly. You see your baby will respond to the play and keep calm too.


Books with pictures of flowers, animals or vehicles also attract infants well. You can point to the images of them and tell what they are. In the same way, you can ask your baby to tell their name and point them out.

Numerous breaks

If you are on a long trip by car, make sure you take frequent breaks. During your break time, let your baby play around because he needs to burn some calories. Before getting onto the car, feed your baby some foods. Otherwise, breaks during a longdriveremove monotonous for both the parents and babies.


It is highly recommended to avoid junk food always. But healthy snacks can come into the play. Give your baby snacks to eat them because he needs to eat more frequently than yours. But make sure provided snacks are not unhealthy.


Babies love to play with Legos. In the car, it seems difficult to keep track of them. But only a lunch box can play a great role in this situation. Let your little one make some fun with the legos and spend some time.

DVD player with cartoons

Most babies around the world love to watch the cartoon. But they do not love every cartoon serial mostly. Just consider playing your baby’s favorite one. In this way, your baby can be entertained for some time as well.

Load some funny video games on your android phone

If your baby is older enough to handle your android phone, you can give your phone opening the video game to play with. They are fond of video games,and if those games are graphically amazing, they are very interested in playing.

In conclusion, we want to say that always try to keep an eye on your baby so that he is comfortable. Feed him in regular interval, change the diaper when it is needed, talk to him, keep him cheerful when he is awake and let him sleep well without making much noise in the car. 

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