How to Use a Deep Fryer | A Complete Guideline

 Who doesn’t love crispy fried chickens? I guess everyone has their own favorite restaurants for this item. But have you ever wondered how do they do it? Well, to make a well cooked crispy friedchicken you need a deep fryer in the first place. But don’t get upset too much earlier.

 You can cook almost every vegetables and meats by using your deep fryer. Before buying it you must concern about deep fryer review. And the test of them should not be anything of your concern, because they are going to be delicious, mind it. Now if you want to prepare these delicious items in your home then you must learn how to use a deep fryer. So without further talking let’s begin the process.

How to Use a Deep Fryer (With Steps by Steps)

1. Use oils that have high smoking points. Smoking point is a such temperature when the oil starts to boil. Generally vegetable oil, soybean oil, peanut oil is good for a deep fryer because they have a high smoking point. On the other hand, olive oil is not suitable for a deep fryer for havinga low smoking point.

2. After buying a deep fryer your mandatory task will be reading the whole instructions book of the fryer. All types of necessary information will be included there so it will be easy for you to understand how to setup and use a deep fryer. For example: there is a range of voltage which is perfect for this machine. Voltage better or less than this can create problem in the machine.

3. The whole machine will be in parts after buying. So you have to assemble these parts to run the deep fryer. All of the instructions about assembling the machine will be written in the instructions book.

Frying the food

'1. At first you have to pour the oil into the fryer. Make sure you are doing this while the machine is turned off. Because while pouring oil into a hot fryer, it can splash hot oil into your body. So to be safe follow this precaution.

2. Now turn on the fryer. Make sure your deep fryer is turned off while you are plugging in the line. If there is a lid in your fryer, turn it off while the oil is preheating.

3. Heating the oil depends on the food actually. But you can heat the oil into 325-375oF. Your deep fryer will automatically turn on a light when you reach in that temperature (in some fryers). Otherwise you can also tell the temperature by smelling the smoke.
4. Keep the food dry before putting it into the dryer. Because the wet food can splash hot oil into your face or hand. After drying the food gently put it into the fryer. Otherwise you can create an accident by burning your hand with hot oil.

5. After that you have to keep frying the food until there is a golden brown color appears on the food. This means your food is properly fried and exactly ready for eating.

6. Finally remove the food from the fryer and place it into a dry place. Let the extra oil from the food be removed. After cooling the food down, you can eat your food. 


1. Never leave the fryer to fry your food on its own. Continuously monitor the process of cooking. Whenever the oil is hot, lower the heat before frying something.

2. When the fryer is turned on make sure that nobody including you touches the fryer. Because it is too much hot to burn your skin. Make sure you don’t have any physical connection with the fryer.

3. Keep the cords out of the way. Anyone can fell for it. So the chords should be placed in such a place away from the waking passage.

4. Always keep a fire extinguisher to prevent unwanted circumstances. Fire can easily turn into a dangerous thing to encounter while you are cooking.

5. Wait until the oil is properly heated. You can put foods only after when the oil is properly heated.

6. Before disposing of it, make sure the oil is cooled down into the room temperature.

7. Never leave the dry fryer before turning it off.


Everyone wants to cook foods just like the restaurant at home. But as you know cooking is also an art. But it is more like a war and the deep fryer is your weapon. So before going to the war of cooking you must learn how to use your weapon aka instruments properly.

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