How to Use the Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Everyone loves their pet. They are so lively with their characters and can easily cheer their owner up. But even with all their pros there is still a definite con what you can’t deny. All pet owner struggles daily with their pet’s shedding hair.


Shedding is a normal process for healthy pets. They tend to lose their old and damaged furs, but the problem occurs when you find their hair in almost every place of your house. You can groom their fur with brush to reduce the dirt.

But most breeds of both cat and dog shed so much hair that just brushing them isn’t enough to keep your place hair free. Cleaning them can be a wholesome chore, in this case you might find vacuum cleaner more useful. Thanks to the technological advances, vacuum cleaners are lot more affordable than they were in past and also lighter and more efficient.

How to Use the Vacuum Cleaner (With step by step)

Knowing how to use the vacuum to deal with pet hair is important. There are various kinds of vacuum cleaners available in market to clean pet hair. The one with strong suction power is every pet owner’s favorite. Using the vacuum cleaner is not really hard. There are various models available. You can easily find the one according to your need. If you don’t want to carry around a big vacuum, you can search for one with long hose.

There are also handheld type vacuums for pet hair that are light weight and can easily pick up hairs and dirt from cars, furniture and other small places. Long battery life, longer power cord and those which makes less noise attracts customers the most. In affordable price range you can choose a model that will work wonder for you.

1. Setting up the Vacuum Cleaner

i After buying your vacuum cleaner, check the deposit area. If you have the model with bag or reusable container. To find whether you need to clean, replace or recycle it. Current models mostly have reusable containers.

ii Another important task is to read the manual thoroughly. Even though most of us will find this task to be boring, but actually it is useful. You’ll know a lot of important information such as the dos and don’ts for the machine. And avoid future accidents that may cause harm to your machine.

iii Next task is to assemble the parts of the machine to start using it. They are usually in parts after buying it; follow the instruction to assemble them properly.

iv Some comes with other attachments, learn their uses as well.

2. Start Cleaning Using the Vacuum

i Before cleaning, move all the small objects out of vacuums way that you don’t want to lose.

ii Switch the vacuum on and slowly stroke forward and backward, to pick up all the hairs. Going quick with vacuums often leads to a sloppy cleaning job. You wouldn’t still want to find your pet’s hair strands after you’ve done cleaning.

iii You can adjust your cleaning accessories for different surfaces. Pet beds, sofa, bed, cushions and hard floor there is different cleaning attachments for them. Some flexes their way in places that other tools can’t reach. Using them efficiently can give you a cleaner and fresher home.

3. Maintaining the Vacuum Cleaner

i Maintaining your vacuum cleaner properly will lead to a long lasting machine life. Follow proper instructions while cleaning the machine.

ii Switch the vacuum off and unplug it before attempting to clean it. Change the bag or if it has container, empty it; if it’s two-third full. The vacuum won’t be able to clean effectively if the deposit area is already full.

iii Beneath the front of the machine you will find the brush roll that cleans the dirt from the surface. Remove the bottom and if it’s tangled with hairs and scraps use scissors or your fingers to brush them away.

iv Check if any part, belt is cracked or worn out. If you find any repair or replace them. Replace the belt depending on how much you use the vacuum.

v Clean the hose and cleaning filter often to enhance the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner.


You can’t stop the shedding of your pet, but you can keep your place clean with suitable vacuum cleaners. Keeping your place tidy is important for both you and your pet. And using a vacuum can save half your time and make your cleaning process easier and fun.



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