Pros And Cons Of Couponing

Everyone loves to get a great deal when buying something. Can you say no to price discounts or freebies every time you go shopping? Thankfully, coupons can give you that – and more.Here comes the surprising part: individuals who have six-digit income and college graduates are more likely to use coupons than those who belong in the lower income scale and high school students, respectively. Does this mean you should start couponing just because your next-door millionaire neighbor is into it as well?


Couponing could give you great deals but it could also lure you into something called obsession. To help you decide if it’s worth the time, here are the pros and cons of couponing:

The Good Side

You can save money with couponing. In fact, this is the biggest advantage of couponing. If you are organized when it comes to this endeavor, then you could cut your bill in half and even get items for free. Let’s say you are looking for a medication against diabetes, you can compare Lantus coupons from various retailers and then choose who could give you the best value for money, thereby giving you more savings. You can use the money you saved for equally important things – like paying off debts.

Shopping is more purposeful and focused. Instead of wandering aimlessly in every aisle and deciding whether to buy a particular item at that specific moment, couponing can save you from that. Going to a store with your coupons saves you time because you know exactly what to get. You are less likely to deviate from your plan because you are limited to your coupons.

Stocking up your pantry is easy. Couponing cuts your grocery bill in half, which means you get to buy more items for a lesser price. Now, you can fill your pantry with canned and boxed foods and other non-perishable items. This could last you for weeks or even months, thereby saving you a trip to the supermarket in case you forgot just one ingredient.

You can try new items offered in the market. Another benefit of couponing is that you get to try new items at an affordable price. Not all items will work for you, but with the help of coupons, you get to test the water without compromising a chunk of your budget for something that might not work.

You can donate extra items you got from the supermarket. They say couponing encourages hoarding, which can be true. Still, this doesn’t mean you should hold on to these items just because you “bought them.” You can always donate items like canned goods, toiletries, and boxed foods to those who are greatly in need instead of letting them rot in your kitchen pantry.

You develop an increased consciousness in prices. Everybody knows that the prices of commodities are getting higher. Sadly, some people are not getting enough to keep up with the prices. Those who are into coupons are more aware of the prices of goods sold in the market. Instead of shopping for what you want and need, coupons help you find the best deals in the market, thereby giving your money more value. This will make you less tempted to buy items on impulse because you know how much a certain good costs.

The Not-So-Good Side

Organizing coupons are time-consuming. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as collecting every coupon you can find in the papers. Collecting, sorting, organizing, and planning when to use these coupons require time, although some are making a shift into digital coupons. If you can’t dedicate yourself to do that, then this one might not be for you.
Shopping becomes a daily chore as well. Couponing could decrease the time you spend at a grocery store because you know what you want. Unfortunately, this could also mean adding “grocery shopping” in your To-Do list because you have coupons to use. You could’ve spent the time in the store doing other things, like laundry perhaps.
There is a tendency to buy things you don’t really need. It was a good deal, so how can you say no to that? Unfortunately, there is a higher tendency that you’ll buy things you don’t really need. You might end up hoarding items and waste them in the end, thinking that the items you bought will come in handy in the future.
Most coupons you can get are for boxed and processed goods. It’s okay to buy them occasionally. Since you have lots of coupons for them, you end up buying this kind of items every time you go shopping. This could pave a way towards unhealthy lifestyle – and you surely don’t want to go down that road.
Couponing can be addictive. You might not notice it, but the initial plan of “to save money” can turn into an obsession. The feeling of being able to get items for less is addictive because you feel that you are able to save more. If you notice that you collect all coupons you could see and use them to buy items you don’t need, then you can be a couponing addict.

That being said, will you say yay or nay to coupons? 
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