Simple and Elegant Japanese Style Rattan holder makes your Home Exquisite

You must know the rattan. In the ancient society without industry, the rattan craft were very popular in China, Southeast Asia, Japan and other countries. In the current Japanese-style decoration, simple rattan can store small things and make the details delicate and fresh, so today we will introduce some rattan holders.


In addition to its own breathability, the rattan products look more natural and fresher because of craftsmanship. Therefore, they should not be widely used in home, but should decorate the home in the form of rattan holders combining with the whole style.

For the candy on the table, the hairpin or some trivial bag of tea, the small and cute rattan storage basket has great advantages. It can make the table look tidier and can also decorate your home.

The Outsunny patio furniture is designed with the larger storage volume. Storage baskets of different sizes can be used to store and sort items on the desk, making it more organized. Those baskets are small and chic, and you will love them.

Larger rattan storage baskets can be placed on the entrance or bathroom shelf to hold the towel or scarf. They can not only separate them well, but also makes the bathroom and the entrance cleaner.

They are not limited to the bathroom and the entrance, the game cards, children's toys, etc. can be also organized and stored with the baskets. The rattan craft makes the storage basket more dexterous without the dullness of plastic material.

The rattan clothes basket is very beautiful. Compared to the plastic and fabric clothes basket, it looks more textured and more Japanese, which invisibly enhances the beauty of the bathroom.

The clothes baskets are made by hand, and the cotton lining is breathable and comfortable. It can be removed and is easy to clean. With largecapacity, itcan hold more clothes and toys, making the corners of the home clean and tidy.

The vases are usually made of glass, but the flowers are also very beautiful in the rattan basket. The woven material makes the bouquet more rustic, and it will add special style to your home.

In Europe and the United States, rattan sofas are an indispensable piece of furniture in outdoor gardens. Putting a 9 piece sectional sofa in the garden can make it more beautiful and elegant. We can see the following rattan sofa set:

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