Sterling Media Discusses Why Gender Equality Matters

 Gender inequality is prevalent in all countries and cultures, despite many trying to prevent it. One place in which gender equality should matter is in the work place. Currently, only a fifth of women in the UK hold senior roles and are still deprived of equal pay, ultimately making they lose confidence or desire for a career.


Equality is a key driver for economic growth; both companies and countries can achieve much greater growth if more women are able to work and allowed to succeed.

Sterling Media, is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary global business and communications consultancy. The company represents corporates, companies, consumer brands, charities, celebrities, countries, governments, and global thought leaders. Here, Sterling Media discusses why gender equality matters:
Even whilst women are still unable to reach senior positions, the benefits of having more women in an organisation has been proven. The global communications sector is known for having a sizeable number of women in the workforce despite the most senior positions being held by men. However, studies have revealed that many of these firms do well due to women being more plugged into current events, working more effectively in groups and more active listeners.
In order to help enhance gender equality, businesses should consider making a focus on gender diversity and inclusivity part of an effective brand strategy.
“Women represent an untapped market, and failure to diversify is arguably holding companies that have not yet realised this behind,” stated Sterling Media. It is these different skills and insights which can be used effectively in all industries as it will allow companies to grow and achieve figures as demonstrated by those who have embraced women in their workforce.
Currently, approximately 143 countries have guaranteed equality between men and women in their Constitutions but 52 have yet to take this step. This ultimately still leaves women open to abuse, forced marriage and economic disadvantages.
As part of the UN’s ‘Global Goals’ initiative, in which it looks to achieve a number of targets by 2030, these 17 goals include ending poverty and hunger, improving health and education. Its 5th, Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG5), is aimed at achieving gender equality with 193 countries signed up to help achieve the goal of a more prosperous and fairer society.
This is an agenda which can help spearhead a revolution for women from all walks of life as it looks to end economic hardship, social inequality and discrimination for them and brings them on to a level playing field with their male counterparts.
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