The Key to Kitsch - How to Put on a Fantastically Tacky Party

Attempting to throw a party that will stick in people's minds for months to come, whether it be for an event or just for fun, can often be a daunting, expensive and time-consuming task. Trying to stand out by sticking to an extravagant theme may leave guests impressed, but your wallet empty.

There are simpler ways to have your party stand-out, without all the effort, such as throwing a cheap, tacky party that will have your guests giggling at the good memories made.

Cliche Activities

Sometimes, the most enjoyable activities are the overused ones. You don't have to be creative in coming up with fun events for your guests to enjoy when there is a plethora of perfectly good, enjoyable games and activities out there.

A costume party doesn't always have to leave your guests annoyed by having to spend their own money to conform to your party standards. Instead, inform your guests of a costume competition, but the worst, most tacky costume wins. Ensure the prize is something awful in order to stick to the theme, such as toilet paper, old clothes, or used makeup.

Guests will always find fun in capturing their playful mood in picture form. Check out photobooth hire in Sydney to have stationed at your event space, ensuring your guests have a piece of the party to take home with them that will remind them you know how to host a fun night.

Uninviting Invitations

If you're going to stick to the novelty of a comically bad party, you need to start at the very beginning of the event; Invitations. As the first thing people see of your event, invitations are the most important part in ensuring your guests are aware of your theme.

If you really want to go for the bare-minimum of effort, try picking up some pre-made invitations, but not ones suited for your event. For example, baby shower invitations for a birthday party.

If you're prepared to put effort into making them look low-effort, search your home or workspace for spare paper. It can be newspaper, paper bags, or just a plain sheet of scrap paper, which you can give the appearance of being aged and messy using coffee or tea. Adding some strange marks, smudged writing and spelling mistakes will seal the deal on the theme of the night.

Dreadful Decorations

A tacky party means there is no need to stress yourself out over cleaning every corner and crevice of your home. Leave your house in its usual chaotic state, in fact, try adding to the messy aesthetic.

Write out a list of usual decorations you'd find at a party and brainstorm easily-acquired alternatives. Swap out the lace tablecloth for random, stitched together pieces of old material or tape newspapers together. Give the appearance of a cheap-unorganized home by putting duct tape over as much as you can to make it look broken, such as chair legs and cushions. If you have anything old, or already broken, try ‘fixing’ them in the messiest way you can. Taping old books back together and badly sewing-up holes in furniture or clothes show your guests that you have really dedicated yourself to the theme.

And of course, the best of all, cheap, tacky decorations that have nothing to do with your event. Guests will have fits of laughter at ‘its a boy’ banners with sharpie strewn over to say ‘its a birthday’. No need to dish out your fine-china to serve on when you can save your money, and the stress of possibly breaking a plate, by picking up cheap paper plates for childrens parties and have your guests giggling at the sight.


Don’t opt out for a lifeless, stale party and give your guests the hilarious experience of an overly tacky party that will stick in their minds for years to come.

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